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  1. hi, i was wondering if there's a place on this forum that allows us to get rid of some unfinished or lightly used products. if this is inappropriate, please delete and i apologize!
  2. hi, for those of you that use manuka oil, how many drops do you add to your moisturizer?
  3. i agree with crazygamar. the cream is pretty good imo, but i think the cleanser breaking me out. i mixed it with my tea tree cleanser, but i think the cleanser isn't right for me. either that or i'm still suffering from the repercussions of my run with albolene. i'll give the cleanser just a bit more time and report back in about 2 weeks. the cerave cleanser made my moisturizer feel sticky, not sure how to explain it. i fixed that problem once i added in my tea tree cleanser though. the tea tre
  4. has anybody here tried the cerave cleanser? does anybody else feel like it makes their moisturizer feel sticky? i'm scared that sticky feeling means i'm gonna get clogged up. it doesnt feel heavy on my face though, but when i touch my face it's sorta sticky ><.
  5. do you guys just spread it all over or spot treat with it? im using a bha... would that be counterproductive since the bha will exfoliate the lightened skin away?
  6. hey, so i have really enlarged pores on my right cheek. i recently started paula's choice 2% liquid BHA. the first three days i used it... it made my pores look so much smaller! then i noticed it started going back -_- my pores are slowly getting bigger again despite the BHA. i've only been using it for about a week and i know i shouldn't expect like a miracle overnight but i just find it sorta weird what happened. has anybody experienced something similar? BHA helping with pore size the first
  7. are we supposed to not feel anything when we put on the Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid? i ordered off ebay instead so i'm kinda paranoid <.<
  8. i have acne due to hormone problems-- i'm a female with a relatively high testosterone count. i was wondering which supplement did you guys have more luck with? vitex or evening primrose? can we try both at the same time or do they cancel each other out? i'm currently taking a very low dose of evening primrose to regulate my period and acne. i plan on increasing the dosage soon... just wondering if i should switch to vitex or add in vitex. thanks
  9. i've always read not to overdo exfoliation because it can do more harm than good and make you look older. could using AHA daily age my skin? is there a minimum age limit?
  10. i don't know where to find it in nyc... does anybody know? ^ sorry, i reread the thread. i'll look at walmart.
  11. jooo


    did anybody notice any reduction in facial hair while on DIM?
  12. it dried my face really bad. i think i did notice a reduction in pimples when i tried, but my skin was flaking off too. imo, it's not worth it's price.