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  1. A month since my 1st Levulan treatment - Had 2 Levulan treatments total, 2 weeks apart - Has 2 1319 laser treatments in between. So sorry for not posting after my 2nd treatment. I came down with a really bad fever and had been sick for the past 2 weeks. I was also moving this week so things were just all over the place. My last treatment went especially well because my doctor was able to find the problem spots and she applied more Levulan on those spots (above my lips, around my chin) and thos
  2. Day 14 - Day of 2nd Levulan + IPL Treatment So the day is here! It's my 2nd Levulan + IPL treatment and I was pretty excited! It was supposed to be Friday but something important came up for the weekend so I had to go for it earlier. Glad my doctor was able to accomodate. This time, the Levulan was left on for a pretty long time. The doctor first did microdermabrasion for my skin, then used a pomegranate toner (she said it's a very light enzyme peel) to wipe my face clean. Then she put on the
  3. Day 8 - 8 Days after 1st Levulan treatment, Had 1319mm laser this morning, deep cleansing facial w/ extraction yesterday So it's been 8 days since my first Levulan treatment... nothing bad came out from it but nothing significantly improved either. I went to a deep cleansing facial yesterday as suggested by my doctor and the aesthecian did helped to clean out my pores. She said that my pores were real clogged but they were not too difficult to clean out because the Tazorac already pushed them t
  4. Hi, thanks for sharing. I've only had 1 treatment so far and it's been 8 days. I have seen some results but nothing too obvious yet because there's alot of things going on for me... extraction, laser, Rx.. but I've notice that my pores are less clogs and I have less active pimples (Other than those caused by extractions). I'm going to update my laser treatment today. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'm holding on updates until my next treatment. I am going for a deep cleansing facial today and the 1319 laser on Friday. Will keep you posted. Thanks!!! BTW, my skin is just the way it is the last time I posted. There were a couple new breakouts but they were small and were cleared within 2 days. My skin also got flakier but nothing like crazy peeling like what some people experienced.. just look like I rub my nose a little too often. However, I notice that whenever I uses vitamin E
  6. Day 3 - 3 days after Treatment Woke up today and didn't notice any visible significant improvement. 1 whitehead did came out on my left cheek but oh well.. I tend to get a new pimple every other day so I guess this is no surprise for me. But since I was expecting a much worse breakout after Levulan, this was pretty good enws already. The sun was bright today so I went out for a <1 minute sun exposure... guess what! Surprise surprise.... no reaction =( Oh well. I was home for more than 50 hr
  7. Day 2 - 2nd day after Levulan treatment So I woke up this morning and my face was as normal as ever. I was a little oily and after a shower, I feel much better. I use a clarisonic twice a day so I did notice a piece of dried skin around my nose. It was a small 1/4 inch big piece. It fell out easily through the day without me doing anything. I also noticed some dry patches but they were so small I didn't do much with it. I didn't notice any reduction in the redness since last night. I also didn'
  8. Day 1.5 - Night of the Day after treatment So I have to say I notice some difference. My skin was not as oily as usual and I didn't even need a blotting paper today. I notice my overall skin is clearer and the redness around my nose is lesser. Somewhere around the edges of my nose I notice dryness and I assume it will peel soon. But some active pimples have died down and got flatten. Alot of blackheads popped out though and there was this small whitehead on my chin that came out and popped when
  9. Day 1 - After treatment #1 So I woke up this morning and my skin was still normal looking. I was rather disappointed. So I heed the doctor's advice and went under the sun for a little bit. It was 9am and the sun in Houston was rather bright. I was only out for 5 seconds and I felt the burning sensation. I toughened up and stayed for about 30 seconds and ran back into the house. I ran into my bathroom and My oh My, my face was red! It started swelling a little bit and it felt very tingy. I was p
  10. Day 0 - Treatment #1 Day Photos were taken of my face when I got there for documentation purposes. Then I was given a quick microdermabrasion at a very cozy 'spa-type' room. This is my first time having a microdermabrasion and it was interesting. Basically it was a tube shooting crystals and sucking it back constantly to remove oil and dirt from my skin. The aesthecian did it for me and it lasted about 5 minutes. Then she wipe it off with water and cleansed it with a cleanser. I was then moved
  11. About me: I am 25 years old, Asian with fair yellow tone skin. Had acne since I was 12 years old. Mild-moderate facial acne. Alot of comodonal acne (esp. blackheads) due to the use of Tazorax (I guess it purged it but didn't totally get it out). Always have 1-2 inflammed big, red, and ugly pimple on my face and occasionally have a cystic one. My acne is rather mild and can be covered with makeup but it's really stubborn. Also, bad habit of picking it always lead to scarring. I have about 5 pitt
  12. I am getting my first treatment next Thursday and I'm freaking out.. =( I am paying $500 for mine too and it includes a microdermabrasion which usually cost $150. I am getting it done through a medical doctor, not an aesthecian. Also, 1 week after the levulan+blue light, I will be getting a 1319 laser. I will repeat the levulan+blue light again the following week and the 1319 laser. Total cost $1200. I've been reading people's posts and logs.. can't wait to start mine sooN!
  13. I have hornomal acne that gets really bad during my period...like 5-10 breakouts around jaw and chin. On regular days, I have like 1-2 breakouts a week that takes forever to heal so I basically have breakouts almost everyday of my life. My acne is stubborn.. though my skin is overall smooth with some bumps, I have lots of redness and acne scars. My skin is generally oily but all this prescription made it dry and itchy. Oh, and my pores are HUGE and they are stuffed with black and whiteheads! A