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  1. Yes, I always notice the brown looking dirt after using the witch hazel but I think it is working well for me. I use a face wash with 5% BP, the witch hazel, and then cetaphil lotion with a some 10% BP gel mixed in it. So far so good! :pray:
  2. I'm currently using Clean & Clear 3-in-1 exfoliating scrub as well and it has worked great for me. However, I also use witch hazel and then mix equal parts of benzoyl peroxide gel and cetaphil moisturizing lotion. When my face starts to get dry I quit using the gel in the lotion for a few days.
  3. I've been using it for a month and love it. I use in combination with witch hazel as an astringent and then mix, in the palm of my hand, equal parts of cetaphil moisturizing lotion and 10% bp cream. This has worked wonders for me. I have quit the derm and all my scripts months ago and this is the only thing I've found that works.
  4. Clean & Clear 3-in-1 exfoliating cleanser
  5. I am currently using the Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 exfoliating cleanser and it has worked great. I had moderate acne, mostly around the hairline and some on my neck. I kind of created my own regimen and have been abiding by it for about a month and it has totally cleared me up. I wash with the Clean & Clear, use witch hazel as an astringent, and (this is the weird part) mix equal parts of 10% benzoyl peroxide cream and cetaphil moisturizing lotion together and apply all over my face
  6. I have been on the doxy + differin regimen for about 3 weeks now for moderate acne. I have cleared up somewhat on the forehead, nose, and chin, but into week 2 my neck and chest broke out in what looked like some sort of rash. Do you think that is what they consider the "purging" process? It has slowly started to go away, I just couldn't figure out why it would take two weeks and THEN make me break out?!
  7. Differin does seem to take a while to start working. I have been using it along with Doxycycline for about 3 weeks now, and while I've seen some improvement on my forehead, nose, and chin area, my cheeks and temples are freaking out!! It seems like the same zits keep coming back several times before they start going away. I guess that's part of the "purging" period. I'm going to stick with it at least until I go back to the derm. next month. Hang in there!!