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  1. I use Jojoba Oil to moisturize which I think works really well. I was just wondering if people used the baby brush for exfoliating there nose and if it was better then baking soda. Thanks MilGirl I'll look into that.
  2. Hi I have really dry skin on and around my nose and else where on my face. I usually use baking soda to exfoliate but it makes those areas really red (my nose ughh), especially when I flush then it stands out even more. I hate exfoliating my nose just cause it feels like im doing more damage then good and I am always gentle about it. I was hoping someone on here had a method that didn't make your skin so red. I've heard something about a baby brush being good for exfolation is this true? If so i
  3. Thankyou for the reply missziddi it means alot.
  4. I haven't talked to some of my friends in over a year because of my skin problems, depression, and social anxiety. I realize this is one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life and I wish to undo it. Yet I still have a hard time picking up the phone and calling them to hang out because I'm afraid of having to face so many of them at once and explain to them why I cut them out of my life. I fear being rejected and mocked. I had people posting on my facebook page wondering where I was an
  5. Carbs I added back into my diet were starchy carbs such as quiona, all other glutem free grains, legumes, beans and potatoes.
  6. Sorry in advance for my writing skills, as they aren't perfect. Anyways I'm at the boiling point here. I tried raw (fruits and veggies) for 6 months and while it did work for my skin, it made me feel weak and tired all the time. I was eating 3000 calories a day in fruits and veggies and was at at a weight of 155 at 6"3. I work in construction and I just couldn't keep up so I gave up on it. Next I tried lots of fat, meats and veggies. I did it for 2 weeks and while it didn't make my skin any bet
  7. As the tittle says how do you afford it? I'm just starting a new diet of meats, lots of veggies, and some oils. Do you guys buy all organic meat? I know buying normal meat is bad due to all the hormones and additives but do any of you guys still buy it? Should I get wild salmon from an organic food store or can I get wild salmon from Costco and still be ok? Also does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of white heads around the t-zone especially the nose. My nose is the worst area f
  8. But I head you weren't suppouse to have nuts on a candida diet. Is this true?
  9. To get 3000+ calories from fruits in veggies means you have to eat alot. I ate alot of banana's (they are 100+ calories), lots of mangoes (they are also 100+ calories) and lots of other fruits and leafy greens so it isn't that hard you just have to get use to eating alot more at one meal. This eating plan is based of the 80/10/10 diet. My goal as of now is to gain weight back.. and get rid of my acne, candida and keratosis pilaris. I just wanted to see how other people did it. I want to do hi
  10. Any tips guys? Please help me out. Ryudoadema how is it working for you?
  11. Ok first I'd like to say I've tried low fat. My fat intake was mainly under 10%, with max going from 10-20% I ate only fruits and vegetables for about 4 months whit very minor slips such as healthy soups (if you can even consider that a slip). Then I added a few other things into my diet such as few nuts and seeds and grains like quiona. Through out these 6 months I've given up alot, mainly social aspects. I haven't felt that good at all. My acne is worse then before, my keratosis pilaris hasn't
  12. I don't see how organic spring mix could be bad. Like I said I throw whatever greens I have in. So sometimes I have romaine and spinach or spinach and mixed baby greens, all different variations. For me it doesn't matter the combination, as long as it taste like fruit. I usually don't throw carrots, or broccoli in. I just use leafy greens and celery.
  13. Yeah, grab a couple handfuls, dependening on how many fruits you are using. I basically fill my blender to the top with any green I have, but thats because I always use lots of bananas which kill the taste of the bitter greens. It's best to experiment, my first few green smoothies were nasty. It's simple if it tastes like the green you used then add more fruit. I like to use spinach because it's easy to cover up the taste.
  14. I love green smoothies, once you get the hang of making them you'll crave them all the time. I have 2 huge green smoothies a day. Greens I use in my smoothies consist of spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, celery and I usually buy a container of mixed organic baby greens, that way, I'm sure I'm getting a good variety. I always buy organic leafy greens. I usually start by filling my blender to the top with whatever greens I have, then I add 2 cups of filtered water. I grind the greens down and then
  15. Hi, I'm new here, I've been lurking for quite some time. The only way I wan't to beat acne is holistically, I don't want to waste time and money on skin care products that end up making things worse then better. Anyways my question is that my allergies have been acting up alot, I am allergic to pollen, so is there any chance I will get clear? It's not a food allergy, so will that differ any? Also is it worth it to take a allergy medication or will that make things worse acne wise. By the way I a