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  1. So tired of this shit and lost. Every single day is a chore because of my skin. The first thing I think about when I wake up should be my day, or my girlfriend whom I miss, or something productive. Instead, it's the state of my skin. What fucked up mess will I see in the mirror this morning? Flakes everywhere and huge pores, dead skin, oily...Just everything you can think of. Ugly hyperpigmentation and redmarks and a dead, dry, dull, uneven skin tone. I may not have the most severe acne, but I c
  2. You're calling people 'gross' who don't use cleansers on their face... That's a lot of people.. I don't use a cleanser anymore and my skin is better for it.. I don't break out anymore, so I don't see how I'm more 'gross' because of this.. If anything, quite the opposite. I see you constantly bashing this method and saying things like cleansers are necessary for everyone. Please think outside the box.
  3. Be careful of the corticosteroids. I used one milder than hydrocortisone and while it definitely helped my condition temporarily, it wasn't any kind of lasting fix. Also, don't use it for more than a week straight or you may see bad side effects. What I would recommend is eating right and cutting things out that can add to your dry skin(i.e. things with high sodium, amongst others, look it up). I personally don't really ever use a cleanser, I find it to just irritate my skin more. I simply
  4. Day 3 - used the cream again twice yesterday in conjunction with cetaphil. Flakes are still definitely reduced. The weather got a little colder the past few days so it's less humid, otherwise my flakes would probably be almost completely gone but some still linger around my mouth and on my right cheek. My red marks are actually a tad worse but I think it's from the minor irritation from exfoliation. Skin is much smoother and marks are a little more pronounced but it's nothing big. No new breakou
  5. Day 2 (sorry late update): Seeing some improvement. I also incorporated a mild exfoliation using Alba Pineapple Enzyme Scrub this morning and night, which is very gentle. This has greatly improved the dead skin buildup that I have. Now I feel like the creams/lotions absorb much better without the layers of dead skin. Exfoliation combined with the Desonide and Cetaphil has made my flakes very mild and my skin tone is pretty good other than some red marks. I don't really have active acne atm, j
  6. Hello all. I just started a new regimen to try and help my eczema/dermatitis and I just wanted to log it here to help me out and maybe anyone else who has mild eczema/dermatitis. It's usually pretty mild but sometimes it'll flare up pretty badly. I was given Desonide cream, which is a mild corticosteroid. I am just going to use it for a week straight, twice a day and then stop and maybe use occasionally if I get a really bad flare up in the future but I'll probably just stay away from it after 1
  7. It's not so much dead skin as it is really bad dryness/flaking/tightness...I have the dead skin problem too but it's not as bad, the dryness is what worries me.. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold off on "leaving it alone" to be honest... I feel like I need to moisturize, at least until it gets more humid outside.. I think dropping topicals was for the best because they were what was causing acne but I think they have left me with some kind of dermatitis and I don't know if it'll stop on it
  8. I've been really confused lately...I wasn't sure where to post this... Ever since I quit topicals/cleansers, I pretty much don't get acne anymore, when I do it's mild and dies off quickly. The reason I'm probably getting acne at all anymore is because I have chronic dryness/flaking in certain areas of my face. The right side of my face is dry all the way up from my jawline to my upper cheek area... The left side oddly enough isn't as bad but there are still flakes and small red patches.. It var
  9. How is that a hard concept? Skin care is about the skins health and appearance, both of which jojoba oil can help. Balanced look means that it's not too oily but it's not dried out and flaky either. It's a very common result of people using jojoba oil. Is it a 100% success rate? 'Course not, what product is? Yeah, you haven't touched on any "published scientific information" here so why did you claim you did in your other post? You're claims are STILL baseless here in this thread.
  10. Meaning that it gives people a balanced look in terms of moisture and oil and also has healing properties. I know people who use it and it's done that and it does that for me as well. I actually observe experiences and base some of my knowledge from experience, you seem to base it on nothing. As for rubbing oil on the face, guess what? It absorbs. Jojoba actually absorbs very nicely, especially overnight. The key is to only apply a very thin layer. Not to mention, generally people use a cleanser
  11. Why exactly does it work for some people then? You've never given any evidence of anything. Having dry or combination skin(which means it's oily too, if you didn't know) properly moisturized will guess what? Balance moisture and improve appearance. Hard concept? I'm not claiming it does reduce sebum production, some people do. However you've never given any evidence that it doesn't. What it does do for many? Improve the skins appearance and tone whilst moisturizing it properly. It's a
  12. Meh. It may not chemically reduce sebum production but it can help the APPEARANCE of oilyness/shinyness. That's the key point I think you look over every single time I've seen you post on this subject. When dry/combination skin is properly moisturized the appearance of the skin looks more balanced. Continuous, healthy moisturizers can help these 2 skin conditions, and for some jojoba oil does this well. Who cares if it doesn't reduce sebum production, it can help the appearance of shine and give
  13. CeraVe lotion has worked well for me. Has never broken me out at all, helps calm and even skin tone, absorbs fast and leaves a smooth matte finish most of the day(I only start getting oily again right before sleeping). The only real downside is that due to the cold/dry climate the lotion has a hard time keeping up with dryness, for me atleast. But when I drop 2-3 drops of jojoba with it it's perfect, just personal preference though.
  14. I use the Desert Essence brand and the drops are pretty small. I'm not sure how much a pump would be considered with the kind you use but if it's any more than a dime sized amount(should be even less in my experience), you may wanna lower the dose and split it in half or something. A very thin layer of this stuff works best since you want it to all absorb and none to retain on top, especially if it's during the day. Using it AM and PM isn't necessarily bad but it can make you shiny during the da
  15. It doesn't work for everyone.. You may want to only use it at night and apply a thin layer. How much are you using? A little goes a long way. I use 2-3 drops at most on my entire face at night and it definitely helps balance dryness and oilyness and gives me a nice inbetween for most of the next day. Some people just don't have good results with it but you may wanna try just using very small amounts and only at night before bed.