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  1. Hi peeps...made a slight change to my regimen.been searchin the scar forum here and came across a lot of ppl discussing vinegar which helped with scarring... i was very intrigued abt this and decided to try it out...so here's what i did: Mixed a quarter of vinegar to half a glass of water(raw vinegar is just askin for trouble and will feel like alcohol on a skin cut)Thenplaced a cotton wool ball in the mixture and wiped it all over my face(the smell was gagging,but what do u do??) i let this dry
  2. i think it depends on each person,like with most products..it should work within a week,but using it daily does help the skin maintain moisture and balance.Ive been using it for a month or so and the results are impressive!even old scars have faded
  3. It is good stuff isnt it...a bit expensive,but good good..im also happy that ur having an instant effect from the product...its always helpful for things to start workin straight away,other than waitin around all the time.Im just so amazed that the rose hip oil started working within the 5 hours!!How good is that??!! I wish u luck with work,college and the progress of treating ur skin...im sure everything will be fine. remember to leave updates on the board so we can check out how the treatments
  4. hello everyone..havent posted in a while..too busy working..and sunbathin'!!! what caught my eye though when i was reading through the scar board on acne.org was the tape method maya mentioned.i therefore have a few questions.so maya..if ur around..maybe u could help answer them for me pweese!! of course anyone elses opinion is more than welcomed..the more the better!!! ok,so now the questions(and excuse the naive ones;) 1-does the tape make fresh scars more red? 2-even if the scar isnt fresh..
  5. vpm...i would indeed replace the emu oil and copper...with rose hip oil...this substance contains all the moisture ur skin needs throughout the day.yeah,i use pure rose hip oil and it so far hasnt aggrevated my skin.It does read with most sites,that rose hip is not recommended for oily or acneic skin,but i defied those comments and went ahead with it anyway..The herbalist i spoke to said that if u dont try u'll never know...so i went ahead and tried.So far so good.What type of skin do u have...o
  6. Nice Guy 123... u dont have to look hot to get a girlfriend...my boyfriend's hardly Johnny Depp and i still love him...Its nice to see u care for ur mother,but maybe if u go out,u may find someone....i really feel for u when u say that u used to dream like the 15 yr old,but im 20 and i'm not dreaming... What exactly happened to u?...u can send an e-mail if u dont want to post on the org....maybe if u talk to someone abt it,u may be a bit relieved... La La La
  7. MrJ Thats such a nice thing u said and very very true..i know exactly how u feel.I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and he hasnt said anything to me about my skin ever since we started getting together....like most ppl,i always start to scrutinise myself any time theres a mirror beside me,but then i think that things could be worse and i wouldnt have the nicest boyfriend ever. Even though we live in a world so hooked up on looks,it really is whats inside that counts.Ok,maybe its easie
  8. Some info i found on organiconline.com: Scar Tissue Scars are a permanent visible reminder of a significant event in a person's life and can be a reminder of an unhappy or bad experience. Though there are many different techniques to lessen the visibility of scar tissues, including cosmetic surgery, pressure garments, the use of locally injected steroids and silicone gel sheets, Rose Hip Oil offers a simple, inexpensive, non-invasive alternative for greatly diminishing disfiguring scars. Sca
  9. hello again! Yeah,its just pimple scars on my face...though,i dont know if any girls agree with me,but i seem to break out just before"that time of the month"...havent had breakouts so far,yet i'm keeping on top of treating my face each day. A good idea is having a talk with the person who works in the herbal shop(silly me has lived 2 mins away from a herbal shop and was always sceptical about walking in and making a fool of myself....)but the woman really helped.I told her abt the problem i had
  10. hello everyone! Ive been using rose hip oil(available from herbal/alternative health shops)on my face for about a week now(i suffer from scarring that pimples left behind)and i have noticed an incredible difference already! Its still early days,but i was on the verge of tryin anything and actually found something that did!Do research on the net about the product and it'll provide you with a better insight into it,than i would be able to!Although i do know that rose hip oil has a special cell reg