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  1. i start using RAM in the evening and duac in the morning for the past three days. i have a huge event on the 26th of september (now the 17th.. for those who don't know lol) and i was just wondering if i should expect a huge breakout at that time. for those who use this combo, please share your results/experiences with it. thanks so much.. i'm terrified of the IB.
  2. i don't see the harm of eating small portions of both, but i'd pick pasta over french fries just because it's healthier. it just depends on the person though.
  3. are you using moisturizer? using an oil free moisturizer after any cleanser is key. maybe that's why your skin is so tight?
  4. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/FABULOUS-...in-t108917.html
  5. all of my best friends smoke pot and they have clear skin..but maybe it depends on the person? i wouldn't risk it personally
  6. i agree and disagree with you. i find that once you stop obsessing over your acne, it goes away a lot faster than usual. if you keep spending every single minute thinking about it, you'll never get over it. but at the same time, you can't really help but think about it. and you may only have to use three products, but some people have to watch every single step they're taking, even with things like food. i'd love to be able to go out with my friends and eat burgers and fries and not have to wo
  7. lack of sleep definitely shows through my skin. i try to get at least 8 hours each night. also, if you change pillow sheets at least every other night, you probably won't have any problems with sleeping with your face on the pillow. i could never get used to sleeping on my back.
  8. yeah, they probably meant raw or maybe even dark chocolate (90% or something). definitely not milk chocolate though.
  9. i know this is repetitive and i'm sorry, but i'm a little confused and i can't read through all the 158 pages... i have a bottle of extra strength fish oil pills with omega 3 fatty acids. can i just take them (with the suggested use on the bottle) and that's it? or do i have to take other supplements (read something on here about having to take omega 3 pills WITH omega 6 pills)? and does the coating matter? the bottle that i have includes gelatin and glycerin..is that bad? sorry for sounding
  10. breakfast: blueberry & strawberry smoothie made with vanilla soymilk + ice. lunch: organic spinach feta pizza and a fat free sorbet & yogurt bar. snack: green tea, banana, raw almonds. din: spinach, strawberry, and banana smoothie. pasta with all natural artichoke sauce. white wine.
  11. wash with kiss my face start up cleanser in the morning followed by neutrogena's oil free mosturizer for sensitive skin. at night i use cetaphil and the moisturizer. every other night i use evoclin and clinique's benzoyl peroxide lotion. and i eat as healthy as possible.
  12. i've used it for about a month before. i have mild/maybe moderate acne and it did nothing for me. maybe it'll be good for someone who's just looking to calm down redness, although it didn't do that for me either. but i really recommend the cleanser from that line as a mild cleanser if you're looking for one. but nah..it's not worth the price.
  13. mat

    Im sorry haha..

    :] Do you have a myspace?

  14. luckily i get the opposite, everytime i complain about my face people tell me my skin is fine and nothing compared to what they've called bad BUT i have seen other people get treated like shit because of their acne and it's disgusting (the insults, not the acne )