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  1. Hello I'm Adele and i'm in year 11 and for part of my gcse's i have to do a presentation on a topic of my choice. After having acne for 7 years and only age 16 i have always wanted to tell my fellow peers about acne from experience. I feel is is underated and people do not realise the impact it has on peoples lives and self asteem. As fellow sufferers i was hoping if a few of you would write me a few sentences about your experience and how it has affected you or something inspirational or someth
  2. I felt i had to thank every single one of you who come on here. It's reassuring to know theres loads of other people like you and a place where you can talk to people like you and share problems etc. This website is like a god send to me and nearly everyone on here is so nice and have gave me such a big confidense boost.It's just amazing to know when you feel awful about your skin and you can't talk to anyone around you because they don;t know understand, you can come onto acne.org. Although my
  3. You're lucky you're acne's gone!! i'm 15 and have had it since i was 9 and im stil suffering!! id way prefer makrs than spots
  4. Me and my friends swear by sudocrem!! We use it for everything!! If i've picked a spot and got a red mark or got a red mark from a spot i always put sudocrem on it overnight(just leave a white blob i don't bother rubbing it in) and it fades by the morning sudocrem is available from any chemist and is cheap its worth a try,see if it works for you
  5. I personally like spiky hair rather than jesse mcartney/zac efron hair type thing that people are starting to have nowadays so yes i love that hairstyle
  6. I have this derm n shes a proper arse and whenever i go she just has a go and i got really fed up of her so i swtiched to this other man n hes amazing he so nice. But my old derm ,she booked me in for councilling?!?! Because apparently i have a mental problem because of my acne? Just because i have low self asteem and stuff but doesn't most people have low self asteem and people with acne in particular? Is she saying i'm mental just because i'm upset about having acne? i just think it's going t
  7. I am currently using revlon colourstay oily/conbination in ivory. But i have come off accutane and now on duac gel and my skin is now normal/dry. So my foundation dries my skin out abit as it's supposed to stop shine when i don't have any? and i can't get the normal/ dry skin colourstay foundation as it's not oil free i have seen alot of positive feedback on the estee lauder one but which is best for acne/coverage/for pale skin?? should i stick with revlon or go for estee lauder? it is so hard
  8. I know exactly what you mean but nowadays it doesn;t bother me anymore. People who say things liek that are insensetive and horrible people. I believe in karma, becuase you have acne something good will happen later on which will make up for your acne. As for the people who say cruel comments bad things will happen to them. Ignore them there will always be some who find it funny to pick other peoples flaws to cover up their own
  9. When i say to people i have acne they say they can't tell and are suprised. Cos my foundation is a god send <3 In that way boys are less fortunate when they have acne as they can't cover it up with make up. But most teenage boy have spots to soem degree so i spose im that way you're luckier but no-one is lucky really when it comes to acne
  10. Argh i know how you feel!! all my best mates have good skin and even if they do get a spot its only small or the odd one i have to wear foundation (argh hate it) everyday i won't go out without it or i look a state. N if one of my mates are like oh god iv got a spot its massive (it never is mind you) n i'm like OMG have you seen my face?! pftt Ah well we're not all lucky enough
  11. I'm still in high school and not many people in my year (year 10) have spots and only about 3 other people have acne. I'm really sensetive when it comes to acne, if i start to think or talk about it i get all upset and teary eyed. So i was in maths and some people in my class near me were talking about another person in my year's acne. They were making fun of it so i stuck up for him as couldn't actually sit there are listen to them. I tried to say to them they should'nt laugh and make fun of
  12. I don't really watch the program and my mum said it mentioned something about if you have acne and dark circles you have some vitamin deficiencies etc was just wondering if anyone could tell me what he said and if the person's acne improved after having the vitamins etc because i missed it and my channel 4 od thing isn't working thanks :]
  13. do you believe that because you've been through so much upset and pain over your acne etc that something much better will somehow come out of it? like if you're religious do you feel that god gave you acne for a reason and that something good will come out of it in the end in return for you suffering ?? random post but just wondering
  14. I am looking for a new foundation i am currently using revlon colourstay for combo and oily skin in ivory but ivory is too pink and buff the next colour up is too dark so i would like to try a new one but as you acne sufferers know it is awful finding a foundation right for you e.g oil free, non acnegenic thick enough to cover up bad spots ect and because i'm very pale it is a nightmare finding foundation so these are the ones i have found has anyone used them and what were they like for your ac