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  1. those of you that are saying 'mild' acne sufferers are being selfish by complaing,seriously need to stfu. mild , moderate, and severe acne is still acne. regardless of the severity, it is still a very irritating and quite depressing disease. so according to your logic, should the severe acne suffers just stfu because there are others in the world with worse diseases/disorders? i mean, acne can't be, no matter how severe it is, as bad as diabetes right? how ungrateful for those idiotic acne pat
  2. sorry for not posting a link originally. i was in as light rush. here is some info on it http://www.health-and-freedom.com/miracle2/AboutMiracle2.htm if you use your browser's find function adn search for "pore" it will take you down a little bit where it says: Miracle II soap aids the skin's electrical switching mechanism in opening and closing pores. The pore lining has a positive electrical charge that serves to keep it closed and keep the moisture and oils in place within the pore until th
  3. has anyone heard anything about this? do a search on "miracle 2 soap" and read up on what it says about opening pores. it says it binds to the electrical receptors on the skin to open pores wide open (similar to what happens when you sweat) so that the toxins can be flushed out. sounds like fluff to me, but it IS interesting, espcially if it works. its been around for like 20 years, so perhaps someone has tried it? thanks. EDIT: (as posted as a reply as well) sorry for not posting a link ori
  4. i have tried it, the entire system. i still have the free towel they give with it. anyway, it did work, but like everything else ive tried, not 100%. then again, i never really gave it a long chance, i didnt order it again, after being discouraged that it didnt work completely. the day/night gels feel weird because you need to put it on while your face is wet and it gets really watery.
  5. i dont know, ive been using vitacures for over a year now and its working great for me. while it doesn't keep me 100% clear its very close. i just keep using it, since the sideaffects have long subsided.
  6. sounds like a good idea, dan. but it'd probably be smart to check how successful the bp gel would be on ebay first, perhaps a small amount to test the market? id be willing to do it, but i have only recently started using my own ebay account.
  7. i know it requires a perscription in the USA. what about Canada? there's no way my doc will put me on it (i have mild acne) and im thinking about taking a trip up to canada to pick it up instead. you know doctors, they dont understand your feelings and how serious you take your acne. so where is it legal without a perscription? i might be able to get my aunt to pick it up in canada or mexico maybe.
  8. which one is more effective for combating cysts that are quite deep in the skin. neither seem to work very well, as its difficult for medications to reach down below the skin where the cyst actually is. is there anything at all that can penetrate deep enough to attack it? i usually get rid of my cysts by intense inflamation, stabbing, poking, squeezing until its HUGE. then it slowly goes away by itself as it heals. i just got a new one and i really dont want to wage another war with this one,
  9. most of the b5 posts i see are from people who have only been on it for maybe a few months or weeks. im wondering if there are any users of B5 who have used it for say a year or more? what are your experiences with it? and do you continue to use it?
  10. oh, and about the bright yellow pee. yes, ive noticed this as well, but its not REALLY bright yellow until after i take my B50 complex. oh man, then its very bright. for experiment, i skipped my b5 intake for one day, and observed my pee was just normal colored. then i took my B-50 complex, and it was hugely bright yellow. next day, i didnt take b50, and only took b5 powder. and my pee was yellowish, but not much so like when i took my b-50 complex.
  11. i just started this b5 about 2 weeks ago. and its working well so far. im not 100% clear yet, but my acne has reduced substantially. about the sideaffects. the irritated stomach doesnt kick in until maybe 3-4 days into the treatment. and at first it isnt bad at all, just very very minor irritation (not even painful, just grumbles) and softening of the bowel. this week, the stomach irritation got more obvious. it still doesnt HURT, its just very annoying, because you diarrhea each time. and it
  12. some of you might remember me posting asking about the exposedskincare system and if it worked. well, i recieved it about a week ago, and ive been using it every day following their instructions. i must say, it works really well. i didnt have much acne to start with though, maybe 5-6 zits here and there and an occasional minor cyst. bugged the hell out of me because i was on dan's regimen for like more than a year and a half. it helped a lot, but it didnt keep me 100% clear. anyway, after usi
  13. has anyone tried this? its at http://exposed.zoovy.com and claims to be MUCH better than proactiv (which i sure hope is true, as many of you dotn like proactiv). this was posted before, but no one seemed to have tried it. it does, however, seem to get quite good feedback on some people who sell it on ebay. they say it worked in as few as 3 days and the guy who deals them has 100% positive feedback. personally i might try it, since they offer 30 day $$ back guarantee but i dont know. they seem
  14. hi, ive been browsing these forums for quite a while and i had some questions. i have light to mild acne and get the occasional whiteheads here and there. ive had this small lump under the skin of my forehead that you cannot really see, but can feel. its not miscolored or anything, just a little lump. when i squeeze or rub it, it hardens and gets bigger. ive read up on it and i think its a cyst. do cysts always have to be removed my dermatologists? or can do they away by themselves? ive had t