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  1. Rosie7

    The First Week

    How long did u have to recover for?
  2. Thanks! I started on 70mg a week ago, and I think I see some improvement. What did u do when your face got itchy?!?!
  3. Hey! Thanks so much for your reply. Ya, it was my team doctor who prescribed it. I guess that's a mistake! Going to see a dermatologist tmrw! But I have heeded your advice and will definitely not use the Clindoxyl anymore. Man oh man. Just using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. And I won't be training in an outdoor pool now, so I should be ok. If I do, which will be sometimes, I'll make sure to load on the sunscreen. Thanks again... At least this teaches you to have confidence in WH
  4. I just feel bad...like I was too vain. I didn't have horrendous acne... I always had stuff under my skin I could pop if I wanted...and I'd get those under zits... and break outs here and there... but it wasn't all over my face. Do you think that makes it a mistake to have gone on it? Thanks...
  5. What vitamin E serum do you use? And could putting that on the face clog the pores and cause more acne? Would it be better to just swallow some vitamin E pills?
  6. K thanks! I'll relax on the bp. Did you use a good foundation while on it? I have this Neutrogena acne fighting stuff that has a bit of Salicylic acid in it...you think that's ok?
  7. I have been on accutane for 2.5 months. I started on 20mg a day. My acne never really got any better...got worse. 3 weeks ago, I upped to 40mg a day. And I have the worst acne I've ever had in my life. Is this going to get better?! I was in the sun for a week or so, with suncreen on, because I had outdoor water polo games. I'm trying to think of things I could have done to make it this bad... I put Clindoxyl on at night before bed. I try not to touch my face. I am in the water a lot. Anyone