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  1. my regimen is Dan's cleanser Dan's BP Gel LacSal serum(wait 30 min) Super CP serum Emu oil Do any of these products conflict with eachother and should i cut anything out?
  2. I just recieved my 16oz Treatment bottle and im wondering if you guys can replace it because the pump is broken and has leaked product i can provide pictures and send the bottle back, Please reply to me asap
  3. I put on emu oil after benzoyl peroxide gel but it seems to not absorb and my face just stays super shiny/????? how long should this take
  4. i struggled for over a month with DKR because it wasnt working mainly i think because the moisturizer would irritate my skin but as soon as i got the emu oil instead i am now 100% clear in 3 days
  5. should i mix in emu oil with the moisturizer?
  6. Since the DKR moisturizer burns after applying it im wondering if i can use Loreal Advanced revita lift complete lotion Day instead? Will this be an effective moisturizer to calm the redness because when i put on DKR moisturizer i turn into lobster face
  7. I have been on the DKR regimen for 3 weeks now and still have lobster face after putting on moisturizer. Im wondering what I should do and what I can use since it seems like i have a sensitive face to this moisturizer and which one i should switch to since it hurts.
  8. Im wondering if mixing neosporin with benzoyl peroxide is a bad idea?
  9. just 5 days now and i thought i looked 20 years older wtf lol these wrinkles are where i smile which is around my mouth
  10. my redness lasted for 2 or 3 days of embarassement before subsiding and it doesnt sting anymore
  11. well at first after switching my face was red everytime i put on moisturizer but it seemed to calm down now but some parts of my face are dry and flaky and my question is does it cause premature wrinkles on my face because the dry parts make me look much older than i am
  12. Ok, this is making me very angry since I still have not recieved my starter kit for the 1-2 months with 8oz bottles! I ordered on June 22, 2008 and it said 2-3 day shipping but heres the catch that is usually for inter-state shipping for postal! I live in Sacramento, CA which is only 2 and a half hours away from the alleged shipment area in OAKLAND WTF! I have sent 3 new emails total and no reply on any of them. Please let me know what the hell is going on and will I get a refund or the product.
  13. Is moisturizer supposed to make your skin shiny? and also im afraid to switch moisturizers and my regimen with the one from the starter kit when it comes because it makes my face red..... and also when i switch moisturizers it makes my skin red
  14. I ordered the starter kit from you guys and still i have not recieved it and i believe the standard flat rate shipping from an area in california to sacramento should not be taking more than 2 days I will wait one more day and see if it comes. Payment To Daniel Kern, Inc. -$45.59 USD Jun. 22, 2008 Completed Order Number 167343 Item Number 167343 what else do i need to post to verify my issue