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  1. The "ice on cysts"-method is working great, it's good to use in the morning, just sitting with some ice for 20 min. before going somewhere. I have though not seen any effects with the tomato juice. Does someone else have any tips in terms of dealing with oily skin?
  2. Thanks! I'll give it try and let you know how my skin reacts :)
  3. Hi all I have, what I think is a very unusual type of acne. I have quite oily skin around my nose and occasinaly I get a cyst or two below my mouth. Besides that I have clear skin on chins and forehead and somewhat clear skin everywhere else on my face. Each day i wash my face twice (once in the morning, once before I go to bed), both with some facial cleanser and salted water. Afterwards, i put on some moisturizer. Nothing else. As I see it, it would be more common if I had generally bad ski
  4. I've been using 3 x 2 teaspoons into a cup of water every day. I had some break outs in the beginning, but that is only common when you go through something like this, where you cleanse your body. It just means that it is working
  5. I have been on the diet since April, and have seen great improvement. Where I used to have cysts regularly, I now, I only have cysts after eating ice-cream, butter or such, og having had a lot of sugar in a short period. You can say that I have reduced my severe acne to a mild acne, where my biggest problem right now is scars and whiteheads. Thank you for the advice everybody, I will continue with my diet then, and try to find alternative ways to get something milk-like
  6. Thank you very much for the answers! I think I will give it a try, seeing as I miss my milk very much, and then see what effect that has on my skin.
  7. Hey there! For some time now, I have been following an non-diary diet, hoping that it would reduce my acne that is centrered around my mouth. I still eat some cheese and yoghurt, but I stay away from milk and ice-cream. A while ago, I heard that a non-diary diet was effective, but that it was completely fine to consume the organic diary, as it didn't have the same effect on your hormones that non-organic diary have. I could not get this confirmed at the place where I heard it, and I would ther