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  1. I have been using this under my makeup for almost a year now and it has not made my skin break out at ALL!! My makeup looks alot better too,only time I break out now days is cuz im to lazy to wash my face at night but im doing better and im clear again. I'd say try it,it can't hurt and I refered it to all my friends and they all like it so....good luck
  2. I have been to 3 different derms and all 3 times I pretty much got to pick when I wanted to come in and usually it's that same month that I go...now I live in Texas so im not sure about other states but I have never known anyone to have to wait longer than a few weeks to get in to a derm office. I think it's weird that people have to wait for so long
  3. I was using the lightest color of the Cover girl tru blend the mousse one not hte liquid and I loved it soo much!! It feels great and it covers awesomly lol good luck oh and its cheap so give it a shot
  4. Lol I have both the Superfit which im wearing today and the clarifying makeup clear skin formula and I actually really like the clear skin one alot! My skin is so oily so this made a huge difference so maybe try that one or ask for a sample of it before you buy it like I do lol I have spent to much money on makeup so now I like to try before I buy goodluck
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  6. 25 in January and I started getting it at 12 or 13!
  7. Vaseline is a god send at taking off eye makeup and also I have a face wash made by Auqafina it's called sumthing "moisture" and it really does work!
  8. I use klaron and I love it! Im not sure where you could find it in the UK have you Googled it?
  9. I have that one too and I like it but my face is just ridiculously oily so after about an hour it starts to slide off lol but im glad you found a makeup you like congrats
  10. If I had those kind of side effects theres no way I would continue taking any drug! What drug are you replying to though?
  11. Ugh I didn't wash my face all weekend and so my face broke out alil bit I have two huge zits and am working on getting rid of them! I need to go buy this! Thanks for reminding me
  12. Hey Tawnya! Yeah this stuff is good you just reminded me that I need to go and buy some Hope your doing good!
  13. Haha NO this does not work! I still have the bottle in my shower if you live in Texas your welcome to have it! Clogged my pores and broke me out so I quit using it, it's just another scam as I found out anything you pretty much read online is a scam!
  14. Burt's Bee's Royal Jelly eye cream is awesome! It's the one in the purple box not the yellow they have the same name but the one in the yellow box has bees wax in it and the one in the purple box doesn't! Go to megsmakeupreviews.com it's an awesome website and it'll tell you everything you need to know about it! Im getting close to 25 and am noticing the little fine line under my eyes to and this really helps actually I don't think the lines are there anymore Good luck!
  15. I got the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask at Sally's
  16. Where do you all go see a derm cuz I have 2 that I see and I have never had to wait longer than a few weeks to see one?
  17. Have you tried ACV?? Garsh I hate BP lol thats why I hate it so much cuz it dries out your skin and why I love the Klaron cuz it's so different!! BP makes alot of peoples acne worse so what should you do instead? Hmm I know Differin doesn't work for a lot of people but I have never tried it so....alot of people on here use ACV and love it and I use it too and like I said if I sleep in my makeup i'll have a few pimples and i'll put acv on my face then before bed i'll put the klaron on but the A
  18. I only took those pills for a month cuz thats all it took for my face to clear up now all I use is the Klaron at night and an all natural TTO face wash I hate hate BP it doesn't do a thing for me but break me out more and dry me out! I had horrible acne for 11 years and it was gone in a week after using those two products and I haven't used the doxy in over a year cuz the klaron keeps me clear unless I forget to wash my face and sleep in my makeup then i'll wake up with a few small pimples but t
  19. My derm prescribed me Adoxa (doxycyline) and Klaron which is a topical anti-biotic and after 11 years of acne my face was clear in a week so I had great results with doxy but im wondering bcuz alot of people use doxy and it duznt work but if the combination of the doxy and the klaron makes a difference cu it did for me and Klaron is awesome cuz it's clear,doesn't smell and DOES not dry your skin out No matter how much you put on so I dunno maybe ask your derm about it my derm actually both of my
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  22. Maybe just start out takin 2 or 3 a day just gradually cut down thats how my doctor told me to take em and in my opinion it was awesome for stuff like that cuz I had exzema from my neck down horrible and I took 3 a day then 2 then 1 but my exzema completly disappeared thank god! I would at l;east give it a chance just stop taking em when it's gone. My mom has been taking 1 or 2 a day for the past 1 1/2 years and as faras we know no damage but thats as long as she doesn't just stop takin em you h
  23. I don't want to tell you what to do but if it were me and it bothered me that much then yes i'd take it cuz every now and again when my eczema flares up my mom will give me one of her pills and i'll take it cuz it'll be gone by that nite and it'll save me my skin cuz I scratch till I bleed