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  1. I think that depends on how long you're going to be in the sun. If its just normal sun exposure spf 15 should be enough. If you're going to be in the sun for an extended period of time then I would recommend a higher spf. I'm not sure if olay makes that moisturizer in spf 30 though you might have to get a separate sun screen. I know Aveeno makes one specifically for your face.
  2. Aloe vera doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts I use it at night. It is also soothing so if you're skin is irritated it feels good its cooling, which is why people use it on sunburns. Its good to use at night after you wash your face I use it, it makes my skin healthier looking and gives a nice glow. If you're not breaking out I would recommend it, it doesn't prevent breakouts but it doesn't cause them either.
  3. I've used Cetaphil and Aveeno Ultra Calming I like them both. I like the Aveeno better it makes my face feel cleaner, Cetaphil doesn't lather so that takes a little getting used to. The Aveeno is a foaming cleanser, but both cleanse withouth drying out skin. The Cetaphil is more gentle.
  4. I always liked Olay complete moisurizer for the day it has vitamins plus spf 15. I used the one for normal skin but my skin is normal/dry depending on its mood. I would recommend that they probably make one for normal/oily skin. I've also heard a lot of good things about Aveeno moisturizer. I've used the ultra-calming moisturizer and I like that too, it moisturizes without making skin look oily. It also calms skin down if its irritated or sensitive. Those are the only two I've used so I hope tha
  5. I was going to try out your regimen just not wash with it very long because my skin is sensitive but I wanted to ask a question about the rosehip oil. Did you use it right when you started the baking soda or start it later? I've read a few things that say you should use the oil if you have active acne, but its good for scars. Would you recommend using the baking soda until there is no active acne and then starting the rosehip oil or starting the oil for moisturizer right away?
  6. I just use the pure plant its pretty easy just cut it open put the gel inside on your face and leave on overnight. I've noticed it helps more with newer scars than older ones but does work pretty fast. I wouldn't use aloe vera shave gel. Look for 100% pure aloe gel, I usually see it in the same section as sunblocks because its good for sunburns.
  7. I used Proactiv a long time ago, but it irritated my skin and made it red so I stopped. I used Acne Free but it was too harsh also. For a while I used nothing but cleanser and my skin was the clearest it had been, but I still used to get a few breakouts here and there so I thought I'd try Murad which was the worst out of all of them it made me break out even more! The only one I haven't tried is the clean and clear. I've used Clean and Clear products in the past and they were the only ones that
  8. So recently I have changed my diet to sort of detox my body from all the bad foods I've been eating. I specifically want to add foods into my diet that will help cleanse my colon. My metabolism and digestion has slowed down lately, so I figure this could help me out. I know there are colon cleansing regimens you can go on, but I don't know if I trust them and I think it would be better to do in naturally. You know which foods would help me out?
  9. I don't see anything wrong with your skin, and sonya is right you do have beautiful eyes. You are a very good looking guy man go out there and get yourself some ladies! lol I do know what you feel like though whenever I have pimples I hate going out and especially meeting new people. The scars bother me the most though but I try my best not to keep them from letting me do stuff. I just get paranoid I had to hang out with this really good looking guy I remember cancelling on him like 3 times befo
  10. Yup thats what I would do too! Everytime I pop one I put some aloe vera on it and it keeps it from scarring
  11. I definitely relate to what you're talking about. I have a lot of marks on face as well and they seem so dark especially during the day I'm pretty sure because the sunlight shows every little flaw. I also used to have really dark undereyes especially when I woke up in the morning but I've started using an eye cream for dark circles and its done miracles. I would recommend an eye cream that will take care of the dark spots under your eyes, I currently use one by aveeno. I can't find anything to h
  12. My skin has become very sensitive lately but it still breaks out, its very itchy and irritated even while using Aveena ultra calming products. Someone recommended Clarins products to me, I think its a European skin care company but I'm not sure. Has anyone tried any products by them? What kind of results did it give for your acne or sensitive skin? I looked for reviews but I didn't find any.
  13. Has anyone with dry/sensitive skin tried this? Did your skin react okay to it?
  14. I have tried drinking more water. It did help the overall health of my skin, it was less oily and was just healther overall. As for the reduction of acne it might have helped slightly but it didn't make them all go away. I would recommend drinking more water anyways because its just a healthy thing to do it helps cleanse you internally which definitely results in healthier skin. If your acne is just mild it might actually clear you up. When I started to drink more water my forehead cleared up
  15. I went to Walmart and I didn't see it there, I will try Trader Joe's although i'm not sure if there is one around where I live. If all else fails I'll spend the extra cash at the Body shop. I'm definitely going to dilute it though my skin is sensitive, but I'm need to use something because the acne keeps coming but it is too sensitive to BP and SA Thanks everyone for the posts!