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  1. hey everyone! i'm back. I was on vacation for awhile which is why I havent posted. Thanks for all the support. Chapina, i'm not sure how the acv works exactly, but I know you should dilute it at least 1:1 with water maybe more water if you are more sensitive. DAY 31: Right now, I have no actives! i went to my doc a few days ago and got my net 2 months prescrip. she upped my dosage to 60/mg which is 40/mg on odd days and 80 on even. she told me everything was healing well and that i'm ma
  2. DAY 19 So basically skin is getting drier. It's still kind of shiny a few hours after i wash, but it's a lot less. it's starting to flake after i wash, and my lips are dry too but its not too bad. I have three actives, that are dying, one above my right eyebrow, a small one on my lips (that i popped yikes!) and one on my left cheek. all arent too big, though the one above my brow is cystic, its been there for awhile. I'm still dirnking a lot of water, which i recommend to anyone on accutan
  3. Hey everyone! DAY 16 Basically, my IB seems to have slowed down after i got only like 4 pimples or something. I don't know if it's a good thing, or a sign that the accutane isn't working? who would've though I'd be longing for zits! anyway, my red marks have started to fade and my skin tone has never been this even. I think I owe that in part to the ACV and the accutane as a combo. But these past few days I'v e been really confident, next weekend I have a wedding to go to and I think i wi
  4. thanks to everyone for their support it helps alot:) Chapina, i do dilute the ACV more now, 2 parts water one part vinegar so it isnt irritating and it is helping alot with the redmarks already. DAY 11 My lips are super dry, cut in the right corner. i moisturize them a lot so it isnt that bad but it hurts to eat anything where I have to open my mouth wide, like a burger or something. drinking alot of water is helping too, my skin is getting less oily, but it still kind of oily. the aveeno i
  5. DAY 7 So i dont know if its the IB that is giving me pimples or my skin not getting any acne meds. BUt i think its the IB. Anyway, my skin looked kind of waxy and oily today, more oily than usual i don't really understand why. But anyway, today I felt pretty confident about my skin, just not my forehead because i have some zits up there. Stayed outside all day which was awesome, and i didnt really think about my skin at all. It probably looks the same as it did last week, but the fact that
  6. Hey thanks for supporting me:) I'm here to offer my support to you too, amazing progress:)
  7. DAY 6 Almost at a week! the IB has defintely begun, a few pimples cropping up, one small one on my chin, and I NEVER get chin pimples so thats new. Anyway, lips are starting to dry a bit going to pick up some aquaphor (as per chapina's suggestion) I also got my aloe vera int he mail today:) it's not one hundred percent though it's by jamieson, soothing and moisturizing aloe. I heard aloe vera helps with scars but will this one? Here are the ingriedients: Water, 100% Aloe Barbadensis Lea
  8. Hey nali thanks for dropping by. Here's an update. DAY 5 So My IB may be beginning, in addition to the one beside my nose, I got a new one on my forehead, small and pink. And a few other blackheads popped up on my forehead. Damn! i hate this IB! I'd be generally clear for a week or so, so this sucks(n) The oil effects of the Accutane havent kicked in yet, so can i use ACV as a toner? mixed with water of course. I have some old and newer PIH and it's really bothering me. Anyone have
  9. DAY 3 I took my third pill this afternoon. So i woke up this morning with a small pimple beside my nose, I've beenicing it to make sure it doesnt develop a head which is working. I don't know if its because of the accutane or just a normal pimple, but its not too big so it's ok. I also keep treating the one active I have with lemon and will continue to treat all my actives with lemon to make sure they dont turn into scars. Back tomorrow!
  10. Hey Nali, Just hear to offer my support like you did for me:) we are starting around the same time so it'll be fun to check in with each other. I put some advice on my log about what you can do to reduce the chances of some zits becoming dark spots (if you havent already tried them) they work for me sometimes so check it out! good luck!!
  11. thanks to Nali, Roxy (even though you didn't say anything) and Jklaq for their support and advice:) I figured treating the spots with some lemon would be ok, since it just minimizes the chance for scarring. Nali, you should try the same thing, spot treat the pimples with lemona few times a day, fresh lemon, and the mark afterwards is always lighter than normal. then it;s easier to fade. Anyway, DAY 2 I took my 2nd pill this afternoon. Can't say I woke up looking any different this morn
  12. Hey I started accutane today, I just wanted to stop by and offer some support! good luck!
  13. Just took my first accutane pill, 40/mg. Here to offer my support. Good luck:)
  14. Well, still waiting for some support:) lol I just took my first pill. have to say I'm a little excited. the beginning of the end!!! hopefully. any advice for what I said in my first post is still welcome:)
  15. ugh that's terrible! i really do hope this works out for you. you should give the psychiatrist another visit, if he tells you he thinks your skin looks fine, when you obviously don't, he doesn't sound like much of a doctor.