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  1. Thank you all sooooo much for your feedback! after a lot of consideration, reading, and researching and living this nightmare of my skin i have decided to give Accutane a shot... I saw my derm today and am doing my bloodwork this weekend... it wont be for another month or more that I will finally be able to start taking it, due to all the bells and whistles that come with even gettina rx but I am hopeful this will work for me (fingers crossed) Spiro works but not as great as i hoped, and when
  2. Just curious-- if Spiro was working for you, why did you stop taking it? Hi Peachy!!! Yes, Spiro did do a lot for my skin, but the day I stopped taking it, it was as if I had never taken it, because all of my skin problems returned. Don't get me wrong I am currently on Spiro but feel as tho I have not seen significant results the way I hear ppl with accutane have. At this point im just deseprate for clear skin, i keep saying it because its so true, i know spiro takes some time to
  3. hey icotulookin! ur right, i'm going to my derm tomorrow hopefully he will give me accutane, i've had it at this point, i'll keep u posted!
  4. yayyyyy so happy for u! how long did it take before u cleared up tho? i just started my second try with spiro less than a month ago and it worked well the first time i should have never stopped taking it, i cant wait to clear again!
  5. Hi Heather, how is it going on your first month of Spiro? any changes?

  6. Hi Heather, thanks for your response, i think you are right i just get desperate at times lol Spiro was great but I will have to continue to take it but whatever it takes at this point hope Spiro works for you!!!! keep me posted
  7. Hey everyone!!! I'll keep it short, I tries Spiro a few months ago and it really helped clear my face, so I lingered off it, and not my face is back to severe bumps, nodules etc horrible, i started spiro again a few weeks ago and am getting a little resteless, and am tempted to just go to my derm and beg for Accutane, any advice from anyone who has been on both treatments and can make a reccomendation if I should stick it out again with Spiro of give Accutane a try.. At this point my skin is s
  8. Yay ! Good Luck- will be ordering mine on Friday (when I get paid)!! let us know how it goes please! I started Paula's BHA gel already and have noticed big improvement. i'm so happy. :dance: Awesome! good luck, and let me know how you like it!
  9. Hey everyone, So I have used the level twice this week since i got it monday, once monday night and last night again, my skin seems to tolerate it pretty well, and i can already see the matte look everyone has mentioned, besides the recent breakouts i've had the rest of my skin looks evened out and smooth, not bad aftetr 2 uses, ill keep you all updated, have a great weekend and to all the football fans, enjoy the game!
  10. I received my Green Cream level 6 in the mail today, very excited to finally give it a shot, wish me luck!!!
  11. Hi Queen, I have read most of the 32 pages in this forum and want to thank you for your insight. I'm a 24yr old female living with severe acne, cysts etc for the last 10 years. My face is pregoressively getting better, i've been on Spiro for the last few months and it is helping, however I have large and small nodules around my chin and chin line as well as some scarring from these horrible cysts. Recently i've noticed some lines around my lips from smiling prob due to the nature of severly tr
  12. Please try Spiro! Ask your doctor, it's a miracle pill, read more about it on some of my other posts
  13. Hi Kathy, I just want to let you know from my own experience, yes I had a bad initial breakout but after only ONE month, i noticed my skin had changed drastically! stick to it, you will love it! I'm going on month 2 and im looking forward to further improvment, hopefully full recovery from this horrible thing called cystic acne. Have faith that you WILL be one of the success stories and take your meds correctly each time, you will be greatly rewarded. keep me posted on your progress!
  14. I'm so happy for you all, its amazing to be able to feel good about your skin again, its been years for me! However, after one month of the IB i started to clear up nicely, a week went by where i had not one bump, however once my monthly friend came around i broke out 2 cysts and some smaller ones, nothing like before but still upsetting, im going to stick it out and hope that it will get better with time! cheers to beautiful skin!
  15. I am so excited to try this! i went out on lunch and bought all the ingridients i will need to do this tn! Delna, after reading such great reviews from people who have tried it and its worked for them, i want to thank u before even knowing what it will do for me because i know what everyone on here feels like when their face is left with red marks and to know its worked and given confidence back to them makes me happy someone is sharing their secret! I can only hope to have the same results and