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  1. Has anyone done 3 cycles of Accutane? My son has been on it 2 times with wonderful results. Unfortunately, the results only last about a year and then his acne returns.
  2. My son had the same problem. He went on Accutane and it was a huge improvement. He's been on it 2 times. Unfortunately, he will probably have to do another cycle of it because it is the only thing that has worked. I know it has possible side effects but it breaks my heart to see him in so much pain/depression. I say you should try it.
  3. My son is going on his 2nd cycle. He was clear for about a year and now it's back, just not as bad. The dermo is recommending a minimum of 5 months. The milligrams are lower this time.
  4. I do think there is a difference in Accutane generic quality. My son was on Claravis and Sotret. I definately saw a difference in his complexion when he was using Sotret. Now I make sure the dermo writes the RX and indicates that Sotret is medically necessary. The dermo even mentioned that other patients had commented on how Sotret was much better.
  5. Marylizus, my son had the same situation - clear on his forehead but the rest of his face was red and had many cysts. It was so bad that he probably has permanent scarring. The Accutane has really helped. I hope you give the Accutane a try. The only side effects my son had was a dry nose and dry lips. By the way - my son is a healthy eater and I saw no improvement due to his diet.
  6. I also have a son, 14 yrs old with severe acne. For approx a year he was on many different treatments - antibodics, retin A, BP, etc. Nothing helped - I finally suggested to the dermo to put him on Accutane. It is a miracle drug ! It has taken almost 6 months for him to see improvement but it has finally happened. I was worried about the side effects (depression mostly) but his acne was making him so depressed that I took the chance with Accutane. I would whole heartly recommend putting h
  7. I enjoyed reading your log. I worry about my son but after seeing your pixs I know there is hope. Congrats! Good Luck in college. Go Gators (oh, sorry I had to mention that!)
  8. My son is currently on 'tane. (genetic brand if that makes a difference). He's starting his 4th month and we have not seen any noticeable improvement. How long did it take you before you saw improvement?
  9. Sorry to hear about the insurance problem. I have a $4000 deductible so I know the pain of dishing out lots of money for the 'tane. My son is on 'tane, 40mg twice a day, $380 a month @ Costco, derm is $80 per month, blood test is $21. He's been on it 3 months and I have not seen any noticable improvement. It breaks my heart to see him and how other people react to him (I have heard hurtful things from girls especially)... Anyway, good luck !
  10. His acne is moderately severe - cysts and whiteheads. A lot of redness. I have him using a few over the counter products with the Accutane but I haven't seen much improvement. I'm really hoping the Accutane works. I will watch out for the depression - he's a teenager and its sometimes hard to tell if he's depressed or just being his normal self.
  11. My son is currently on Accutane (2 months) and I haven't seen much of an improvement. Actually, his acne has gotten worse. Is this a common problem? Do any of you use any other skin products with Accutane?