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  1. I can't advise on dosage, but after this course, you should start topical treatment right away. You'll need AHA, BHA (I use Peter Thomas Roth max complexion correction pads), retinoid, moisturizer, Mario Badescu drying lotion... You can't leave your skin alone with just basic skincare after Accutane
  2. Great Just my two cents, when you're done with accutane, immediately stock up on some topical treatments, low dose, to maintain clear pores. Everyone is different, but that's the lession I learnt after my 1st round. Good luck!
  3. what did you use? antibiotics? topical retinoid? AHA, BHA?
  4. Bio oil is ok to use during the night, but you need to check the ing. list of justine tissue oil. Ask your derm about it.
  5. why do you need retina if BP is working well for you? I would combine BP with AHA/BHA pads (e.g. Peter Thomas Roth Max complexion..)
  6. You should stock up on different types of moisturizers, you'll need it for face and hands. I love Avene Skin Recovery Cream and Aqueous (cheaper). Flaking is good, it means your scars will be faded . I use a washcloth to exfoliate my skin and lips everyday. You could try it but only gently at first to see if your skin can tolerate it. If you'd like to wear MU to cover up during the day, spray Avene or Evian mineral water on your face after cleansing and put moisturizer on while it's still we
  7. same here! I was on 2nd round of Accutane last year and started RAM afterwards to maintain clear skin (I'm very oily and acne prone, 1st round of Accutane only lasted 1 month after I stopped taking the drug). Anyway, RAM worked wonderfully for approx 2.5 months, then for ~1 week, I was too busy on trips and did not take it, my skin flared up and RAM stopped working since. I also tried other brands of retinoid with 0.05% and 0.1% but nth works now. I have been so tempted to go back on Accuta
  8. I've been using Differin for 5-6 wks now and still has lots of little bumps especially on forehead. I'm gonna ask my derm about Duac 2mr... Btw, can you tell me about the procedure of laser and lighting treatments? TIA
  9. Hi, I'm from Asia but I'm studying in the UK. I just went to see a dermatologist in Asia this morning and she prescribed Isoface 20mg as well => going to start taking it 2mr. She also required me to go to the hospital to have a facial (not the one in salon) where they use (pardon my English, don't know the exact terms to describe) a needle to get all the 'underneath' the acne out follow by a cloth mask. I don't have many active acne at the moment, but I've suffered 12 years now, and always h
  10. hi, what is the name of the 5% bp treatment?
  11. NO! I tried it for 3-4 months last year, didn't work. If you dont have big painful cyst on your back, use a body brush. I started using TBS body brush for 1 month now on my back and shouder and my skin is smoother.
  12. Estee Lauder foundations are not good for skin and I mean all skin types not only acne-prone skin. I find it's best to use compact foudation on acne skin. I'm using YSL White Mode compact foundation and Guerlain Parure compact foundation at the moment. They have SPF and do not break me out. Still have to make sure to cleanse your skin throroughly at the end of the day ^^
  13. Hi, Just want to share with everybody I found my HG foundation for my (extremely) oily /acne-prone skin . EDM doesn't work for me. It shows fine lines, makes my skin feel really dry but when I look at myself in the mirror my face is really oily. Its staying power is not good as well. I find YSL foundation to be the best in controlling oil. I tried The Body Shop (hoping it's natural), Lancome, Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder (the DoubleWear foundation stays on really long but I always break out w
  14. thank you for having this forum I have acne on my back, chest and upper arms since I was in 5th grade and I'm in university now... Can't wear tank top and party dresses. Have never gone swimming with friends either...
  15. I often order my PTR products from eBay (American stores). The price inc. shipping is ~ RRP on PTR website. I've ordered 4 times already, no problems at all, fresh products and they often arrive in 5 days, pretty quick huh ^^