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  1. This is day 5 and my skin is starting to peel off a little bit when is wet but the doctor thinks it will peel off tommorrow. I look horrible, everywhere I go people are horrified by my face. Its red and flaky and full of cetaphil lotion. I stoped using the aquaphor so I woulnt break out from it. Still swollen so i cant see how the scarring looks but I can see the deepest one is starting to show. Doctor says he can use a filler for that.
  2. My doctor is located in Houston T.X. I will know soon when my skin peels off how good he is.
  3. How where the final results?
  4. I am in no hurry to look "normal" again Im enjoying this. Pathetic I know
  5. My scars are bad! There box and rolling and there are all over my cheeks. There is so much swelling that you cant see any of them but I know there are there I just dont know how bad they are. I paid $1800, my doctor was running a sale for the month of september but it is usually $2500. I cant really say how much of the scars it has removed because of it being so swollen. My doctor took before pictures and I might try and get them from him so i can put before and after. My face is not peeling yet
  6. This is the second day. It only burns a little when i have to wash my face.
  7. Well I had around 6 injections around my face and also he gave me some sort of sedative that almost knocked me out so I was very relaxed during the whole thing. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give a 1!! but i would give the injection around a 4.
  8. Thank you so much for the compliment. I never feel beautiful:( I actually have my hair up in a ponytail since yesterday, something I never do because I always hide my scars with my hair. It feels so liberating! I know when the swelling gets better I will start seeing them again but for now Im enjoying being scar free.
  9. I got an injection on the hip to help with the swelling. The ones on the face were to numb me, I didnt feel a thing.
  10. I had fraxel restore done and devloped the same thing around my cheeks. At first they where harmless but then right after that I started getting huge pimples that eventually formed more scarring. I had to be put on clyndamyacin which took care of the problem but they gave it to me to late, i had deep fx done yesterday but was put on clyndamyacin ahead of time and also something called zpack to avoid getting those side eefects again and so far so good. I would ask your doctor about antibiotics b
  11. Hey guys. I had activefx with deep fx yesterday. It was a very painless. The most uncomfortable part where the 6 or 7 needles that had to be placed in some areas of the face. And one in my hip. My face just looks swollen and I dont have any bleeding from the lazer, the doctor says not everyone bleeds. I feel beautiful even with all the aquaphor on just because my face is so swollen you cant see any scarring. I dont have any before pictures because I didnt have the courage to take pictures of my
  12. Well im going back to see him at the end of this month because he gave me a 3 month break from my last fraxel treatment to see if any further progress took place.my face looks worse i didnt even have any active acne before i started the fraxel and now im barely keeping it under control.Im hoping that when i go see him he will have the decency to at least refund me some of my money so i can seek tratment else where since its so much worse.one can only hope.
  13. How much was the co2 lazer? I did the 5 treatments with fraxel and had no results if anything it made my face breakout and now i have new scarring.I was thinking about doing the new one
  14. Your idea is actually feasible. Tissue expanders are used in extreme cosmetic-reconstructive cases. You basically have to place the expander underneath healthy skin, because you do not want to expand an area that already has scarring. Anyway, the only problem with this procedure is the scar that remains around the area of scarred skin that was cut out and the healthy expanded skin that was then transplanted into the recipient site. Other than that, it is technically possible to use this procedur
  15. I was watching on t.v. of a person who had severe damage to his neck during a fire.The doctor put in tissue expanders to give him new skin .Tissue expansion is a relatively straightforward procedure that enables the body to "grow" extra skin . A silicone balloon expander is inserted under the skin near the area to be repaired and then gradually filled with salt water over time, causing the skin to stretch and grow,used to repair skin damaged by birth defects, accidents or surgery, and in certai