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  1. Ugh...what a stressful holiday it's been Well about three weeks ago I broke out really really REALLY bad. And I mean this breakout is absolutely horrible. I can't remember the last time my face looked this horrible. Years ago, for sure. Not taking any pictures because every time I look in the mirror I get severely depressed but I'll describe the break-out. I've got a CLUSTER of HUGE zits on the right side of my forehead. I've got two or three nice sized zits in each of my eyebrows. Two painful
  2. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but that's normal. The dryness is horrible for a lot of people but it eventually subsides when your skin gets used to the BP. It happened to me. For weeks my skin was dry and scaly but soon enough my skin grew accustomed to the BP and the dryness went away. Of course I should add that my skin has always been abnormally oily and I live in a humid climate so that may have helped as well, but I think you should keep at it for another couple of weeks to s
  3. Update Just popping in to report continued success. Still getting occasional pimples on my chin but they only last for a few days. The weird tiny bumps on my face turned out to be the dried up stuff that came out of my pores and sort of...stayed there (hard to explain) so I used a Burt's Bees scrubs. I know scrubs are a no no but I rarely ever used them. Even when I was clear I only used it once a week and it kept my skin flawless. Well I took a chance with it today and I'm happy to report an
  4. Update Good news and bad news. The good news is that the bigger bumps are going down (the one on my forehead is completely gone and the one on the side of my chin is reducing in size). The bad news is that I'm getting dozens of really really tiny bumps on my forehead and chin. Make-up hides them easily but they are soooo annoying! I know exactly what the culprit is: the jojoba oil massage. I think maybe I used too much oil. Also, the washcloth wiping may be causing excessive irritation as well.
  5. Wow, xgirl, you are awesome. You have no idea how much your determination has encouraged me and I'm sure many others who have read it. I'm so glad that the regimen worked for you and I'm very glad that you stuck to it no matter what. I'm going through the dryness thing now and it's very discouraging but I have to keep reminding myself that it will get better. Reading your post is proof that it gets better. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you continue to have success.
  6. So glad to hear it! I know that's got to be great for you! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  7. Here comes the pic! Lots of bumps on the chin. Some are drying out. Some are just coming to a head. At least they're all moving through the cycle. That means soon they cycle will end. Well at least that's what I'm hoping for. I'm sure it will, seeing how that's what happened last year when I started DK's regimen. Since this pic, the one in the middle dried up and slid off. There was one to the side that's starting to dry up and one more just above it starting to come to a head this afternoon.
  8. I have heard of this working for some people. In particular, some people use a thin layer jojoba oil before the BP and then moisturize as normal afterward (without compromising the effect). Of course, each person's skin is different so it may not be a good idea for everyone, but if you're brave enough to try it, I say go for it. You might find that it works really well for you.
  9. Yes working out before the morning regimen should be fine. I personally save my workouts for night time and do the night regimen after a shower, but your way of doing it shouldn't be any different in terms of results. Good luck to you.
  10. Quick Update Still a little hesitant to upload this picture of the cluster of bumps on my chin because they look so gross, but I did take a picture. Anyway, The flakiness is continuing to go down every night I do the jojoba oil massage. As far as the acne is concerned. The bump on my forehead isn't showing any signs of going anywhere anytime soon but one of the bumps on my chin came to a head yesterday morning and has already dried up this morning so things are pushing along nicely. Since the
  11. I haven't tried jojoba only. I'm thinking of doing that when I'm a bit older because right now, Dan's regimen is the only thing that has worked for me and I plan to stick to it. As for the clumps of dead skin, perhaps you are using too much BP and it is drying out your skin excessively. This recently happened to me but I fixed the problem by doing the jojoba massage thing at night. So maybe you should try using less BP and see if that makes a difference. Also, incorporate a little time at the
  12. I tried this last night and it worked wonders for me. I did it a little differently though. I used a LOT of jojoba. I mean, I used so much that my face looked like it was about to slide right off. I started with about 14 drops because my skin was extra dry and flaky (from using too much BP). Then as I was massaging, I gently added more and more, noticing that as I did this, the dry skin began to flake off. I actually did this jojoba massage for about 30 minutes straight. I was on the phone wi
  13. Hey, Quezya! Thanks for stopping by and also thanks for the encouragement. I need as much as I can get these days. Update I tried the jojoba oil massage for dryness just tonight and it worked wonders! My skin felt baby soft after I was done and it felt like scaly lizard skin before I started! What I did was I took about 14 drops of Jojoba oil and very gently spread it over my face, gently massaging as I went along. Wasn't enough, so I added more as I massaged. I was on the phone with my boyf
  14. Definitely not! There are natural ways to keep your skin clear (supplements, green smoothies, different diet), and many people have documented success from those methods, but most people find it easier to stick to a topical solution. If BP clears you up and you stop using it, you may break out because the BP is what is preventing your acne from developing. However, perhaps if you start using a more natural acne remedy (change in diet for example) while you are using BP and you gently wean yourse
  15. Oh, I see. I had the dryness and irritation for a couple days but I altered my regimen (slightly) and tried to jojoba mask thing and it's working for now. I'll just use it until the dryness goes away. As far as the acne itself, it's the worst on my chin, but the bumps don't stay for long (2-3 days tops and then they dry out). I also started on some supplements (Zinc and Fish Oil). I ordered some Niacin, too. Pics? Hmm...as much as I don't want to I guess it would be good to encourage other p