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  1. ola! Right now Im doing fine. I've started using BP for 2 months now. N it starts to show some improvement now. how r you? hope you r doing fine... :)

  2. Thanks, how's it going?!?

  3. Hey, there! Love the topics! ;)

  4. I'm happy it works for you. I will definitely look into it. Thanks!
  5. Hey, ChristyV, I wish you best of luck with Accutane. Don't get discouraged by breatouts over the first month. You're not sufferiing from scarring and much of the acne seems relatively fresh, which is a good sign. I think and hope you make a complete recovery. Better sooner than later, I guess (whatever works). Good luck! Regimen: Accutane (31 days in)
  6. Is there any possible way to change your screen name?