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  1. Day 30: Yesterday was the one month mark, exciting ! I have to wait four days though to get my new prescription. So overall the first month not a huge drastic change. It was starting to get better towards the end of the month but just like every month i break out a little before my period and i just so happened to get at least five cysts on my jaw line. Other than that my face was clearing. I know i haven't put pictures up i haven't been able to find my camera. Anywho my lips are SO CHAPPED ! C
  2. I have the exact same mindset as you do. EVERYTHING i've tried for acne hasn't helped me so i'm so use to getting let down that i've just started to believe that i have horrible luck and nothing will cure me and that i'll fall in that ten percent range as well, but the way i look at it is this.. EVERYONE on accutane has been let down numerous times by other acne treatments so i'm sure they believe it won't work for them either but look at all of the success stories, they were cured. Just somethi
  3. Thanks, i know i have to be patient and i'm trying to be. I've heard that it really starts working during the third month so i'm stickin it out haha best of luck to you !
  4. The topic title kinda describes it all, but i've been getting hot flashes like crazy ! is that something that is not unusual while on tane ?
  5. Day 17: Ok really ? When the hell does this shit start working ! I'm becoming very frustrated, i'm not seeing ANY difference !
  6. Day 15: Passed the two week mark, whoo. Two more weeks and it will be a month, can't wait. I haven't seen much difference in my face except that it is a lot less oily. Its not really dry, i only moisturize it like once a day sometimes not even that if i'm not putting makeup on. My lips on the other hand are SO DRY ! its really annoying i'm applying chapstick every ten minutes. My forehead has about 6 actives and my right side i believe has about four. My jawline have about three in total and my
  7. Day 11: Not much has really changed with my face, it isn't excessively dry but it is less oily. Still have a few breakouts but nothing horrible. Nothing has really changed dramatically so i probably won't update everyday seeing as how not much changes on a day to day basis.
  8. I've read that the extreme side effects are very rare. Its just up to you, if you can stand to live with acne and its definetly not worth risking those side effects then thats up to you. But if you really cannot stand your acne anymore i would suggest accutane. Its not like you have to keep using it if you start feeling funny, just as long as your on top of everything and are always aware of your body and how your feeling and keeping in close contact with your doctor then you should be ok, and i
  9. Day 8: My face is becoming more dry, and some of the acne on my jaw and around my mouth are really drying out.. they're like flaking off lol. My lips are pretty badly chapped to the point where they feel numb. I had my first nose bleed this morning when i got out of the shower. I've gotten a few new actives, nothing i haven't seen before though. I hope i don't get another IB though i really couldn't handle that it was so uncomfortable. So at the moment its nothing i can't deal with i just hope
  10. Day 7: One Week Already ! One week finally.. its going by so slow ! Nothing new about my face, same as yesterday. I'm getting really impatient i wanna see drastic results NOW ! lol, i'm not a patient persion.. I think my face is starting to dry out but nothing thats like out of control. My lips are really feeling the side effects though they are getting very chapped and my mouth feels VERY dry no matter how much water i drink. Other then that i'm feeling great, no huge side effects
  11. Day 6: I'm feeling good about my face today, not itchy anymore so thats good. I think some of the breakouts i've had are starting to subside, knock on wood i really don't wanna jinx myself, no drying yet, but my lips are becoming chapped. Not much new to report, everything is about the same.
  12. When do you usually start to experience dryness ? And when does the amount of oil start to subside ?
  13. Day 5: My face feels better today, not really itchy anymore. Still broken out but i think it might be starting to heal, knock on wood don't wanna jinx myself, not really much new to report. I hope it starts drying out more soon. My nose doesn't feel as oily as it usually does.
  14. Oh yeah, pray to god it does ! I'm sure you'll have good results.