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  1. I had Restylane-Perlane done yesterday.The scars are looking filled up but a lot of them are bumpy and purple-red.Have massaged it a bit.It cost me £275 for it.Anyone faced something similar and how long will the redness bumpiness last.
  2. WHAT A BODY.WOW. Anyways nothing is noticeable.The guy you get into bed with will not be bothered trust me.
  3. Guys get a life. You people are jobless worrying so much about someone else getting laid.What you gonna get if he shags her or doesnt.Fantasize about his fun and jerk off. YOU SERIOUSLY NEED JOBS
  4. Dude this may not be safe. I used 50% for cross and the portions that touched the normal skin has made it discoloured so you may face discolouration. I suggest you go for 50% cross for boxcars and 25% for a full face.You dont weant to mess it up or you will be even more depressed. Ask me.I know how it feels you say it cannot get worse but it can.SO go slow or do a test patch. DONT JUMP RIGHT INTO IT CAUSE THERE WILL BE NO TURNING BACk. Just friendly advice.All the best in what you decide t
  5. I did not say I dont go out of the house. The only time I stay indoors is when I have 20 scabs but after that I do go out to work and stuff.Its just that I am not as confident meeting people of the other sex and people you know asking questions as what happened to your face and stuff.
  6. Hi Guys, Well I used 50% TCA and have seen 20% improvement.I am a male My scars are veery red and has been 7 days since the scabs have come off.The portion outside the scars are white as I had got some acid outside the scars.Hope the pigmentation comes back otherwise any improvement in scars is worthless.I am indian but fair skineed.Not white ofcourse but fair. I have before pics which I had posted some time ago.I will post after pics when the redness fades hopfully in a couple of weeks so IO
  7. HI Guys, I normally post asking information and reply to some posts if I think I can help but I feel it owe it to this board to tell people that TCA Cross is the only treatment that is helping. I have a lot of scars boxcars.WHat I did initially was apply TCA on a couple of spots at a time because I couldnt go to work with 25 scabs on my face but what was happening that people were asking about those scabs because of the size and I was embarrassed to go out anyways. SO what I decided was take
  8. I keep reading how people mention they got a certain amount of improvement for a certain procedure but I believe the real improvement is when someone else tells you that you skin is looking better or your scars are less. No one except younotices the number or depth of the scars you have.They just notice that you have scars.So if there is dramatic improvement then they will notice it is less or if the skin tone improves they will notice. Has anyone done something and other people have immediate
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for your replies and you poeple are really helpful.I did TCA last week and the scabs came of a couple of days ago.In a few places where I went over normal skin nothing happened and in a couple of places it has got a lot lighter. Just hoping it is not permanent considering it was 50% TCA so it was not the real serious 100% TCA.Surprised it has not happened to anyone else considering this is such a common procedure.
  10. Hey Guys, I did a cross with 50% TCA and all the scabs have come off.I have a lot of thin boxcar's and some were very near each other and a few formed one scab.After falling off I notice that part of my skin i.e. not the scars but the normal skin has become a couple of shades lighter.Please tell me if anyone else has faced it and is this permanent and if it is then is there any solution. I am a guy so make up is not an option unless you have some suggestions with that either. Please Please rep
  11. Hey guys, I need advice on fillers and on who does it in the UK. OK except for DR Chu cause he charges £160 for a consultation.Are these clinics at Harley STreet reliable.Anyone knows of any other DR. I went to a clinic in Bayswater today and they told me about Hydrafill.Anyone has any news about it.The search is showing up with nothing but the Sister(Not a Dr) was telling me how good it was and was better and longer lasting that restylene. Please guys give me some advice
  12. Guys, This is a very interesting argument and I have a categorical answer and evidence to prove it. Yes acne scars make a difference to woman. I registered on a dating site and poted my photograph.The photograph I posted was taken in lighting which did not show many of my scars and I have pretty bad scarring.I got contacted by loads of woman and I met 2.Both of them after meeting me didnt call me once. I know you may say its because they didnt enjoy my company but I know the reason.The loved
  13. Thanks Gina. I spoke to his assisstant and he charges 160 quid for a consultation.Thats outrageous. Are there any other good dermatoligists in the UK.Does he work under the NHS. Sorry for all the questions but that is a lot of money.
  14. Hi GUys, I sent a PM to a couple of people and got no reply. Could someone give me DR Chu's number and how I could get in touch with him. Also if there is any top quality dermatologist in the UK please lte me know.I am fed up with my skin and I want someone really good to look at it even if I have to pay for it. Thanks guys
  15. Silicon is permanent and I see no reason why it cant be used for acne scars. It is used for Breaat Implants and that is permanent and it is putting a foreign object in your body without being rejected. When something is new people are always suspisious and the FDA are a waste of time. If anyone knows any doctors in the UK doing it please let me know.This may be a life saver for me.