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  1. Hello, So, here is my little story. I'm 27 guy, oily skin profile, acne prone since 15. Past of spot picker due to nerves etc... 2 accutane long courses which cleared me totally without a lot of side effects. Then did more than 1,5 years of DKR which worked fine but I was pissed of applyling so much topicals and of bleaching effects etc... So I went to my derm who, 3 months ago, put me on accutane low dose. He said it would be miracle cure, and I just needed to wash my skin with water.
  2. When I did not stop using the regimen for 1 year, I ended using it 1 time a day, with a small amount, at night, along with AHA the day, and was clear. I stopped it and 2 months after did break out again, for what that's worth.
  3. Hello, I know what you are living now. Every year I do the same shitty mistake : I stop BP at summer to enjoy sun. Then I come back, start again and breakout. Well, all of this is normal. Sun thickens your skin and dries out the surface of it, but it does not stop oil production. That means that oils does not go to the surface of skin but become trapped in between layers. But you won't break out at sun. Why ? Simple reason : UVs kills bacteria. In fact, UV radiation are mutagen, the
  4. I used to eat a lot of junk food when on regimen 2 years ago. I m still on regimen and do not eat junk food anymore however I never noticed it caused breakouts when I was used to it. Then I stopped junk food. And now, if I eat junk from time to time, I m more prone to get one or two small pimples. If it can helps..
  5. Missing the regimen one night is not going to change much to your skin... In a couple of days you will be fine. No need to worry. I missed tons of night during the years I have been doing this and never broke out.
  6. And how is one supposed to know WHEN do you outgrown it ? BP is a bacteria eraser, a skin free radical damager and of course, it clears acne, it even clears the rudest of the rudest stains on the steel of motor factoriers. Yes it is "safe" to use but nobody used it for years on all the face 2 times a day to say "how it s fine" For OP, before you go full throttle back on regimen, assure that : - you are not taking any medication causing acne (corticoids, any over-use of medication) - you
  7. I think debating is a good idea, but if you want to open the debate, at least have the decency to use some good arguments. I am personnally convinced that Dan is not a con artist (definately), for simple reasons : 1/ He gathered here good information about the acne condition, going really further than 90% of dermatologists who simply don't give a shit about acne and don't know jack shit about it and just follow simple traced rules of treatment.Acne is far more complicated that just a teen skin
  8. Hello, I have been on DKR for 2 years, then stopped, then took it back 1 month ago approx. My skin cleared up as expected but I have considerations about sun. I will go to African desert in a week, so, in order to not simply burn, I used sunbed a little (really a little, and I am someone who tans quite easily) After some time, I noticed that the tan was good but I also started to have ingrown hairs, probably due to the facts that UV makes skin thicker. I also started to get milia on my
  9. No, you need a doctor specialized in this kind of tests, I don't know how to say it in english. Someone who believe that beyond medication, balance is a key. I did a test for : - Copper - Zinc - Eryhtrocytea Folic Acid - B12 Vitamin - D3 Vitamin - Magnesium - Calcium - Chromium etc... It costed something like 300 € ($450) but took in charge by insurance in france Regarding the Tretinoin, I have to say everyone that I am stopping at day 50. After 7 weeks, I have seen an imp
  10. Day 47 : performed a "close look" and had a gastro intestinal disease. Well skin looked bad. I shaved completely. I have 2 active spots on the chin and 2 / 3 on the right side. They have been here for a long time and retin-a seems to have no effect on them... That s quite bothering me. I ate pizza & bullshit so maybe that's this. They are easy to hide but... Thursday I will be at the end of week 7. I see a noticeable improvement on nose skin texture but overall skin texture is not so grea
  11. Nice Info Safinator!, I am anxiously curious. Can our skin ever get immune/ resistant to retinoids? There is no such thing as "immunity" or "resistance" talking about cosmetics. This is not bacteria. your skin can adapt to bad effects (dryness redness etc) but the active principles will still remain active as long as they are not antibiotics. When you stop retinoids, your skin will return back to "normal", and for you and me, that means, acneic. I think the only way to "cure" this is
  12. In fact, Retinoids does not "exfoliate" as you know. They don't eliminate the dead cells as AHA or BHA does. They mostly tell the new cells to come quicker and stronger. They do not "over exfoliate". The new cells are just stronger and better and have a better binding and transportation of every nutrient / material. In fact, retinoids are healthy and are one of the best thing you can do for your skin. Exfoliating is different. It dissolves the dead skin and makes them renew faster. It
  13. Day 46 Good point : my mind evolved very good. My skin, from 1m50 distance, looks like a baby skin. Very nice complexion, no PIH, very "breathing", no keratosis. However, I still get 4 or 5 pimples / marks on the right side. A new appeared today. Not a surprise : I had a weekend where I ate 2,5 pîzzas + mcdonalds in a weekend + high GI foods. Now I feel my intestine is "upset" due to this and I m pretty sure this is the cause of new pimple. I also got some fever and a cold today due to clim
  14. Safinator, Does differin make your skin more oily? I am on 0.1 gel and in week 6 with my course and my skin around the nose tends to get more oily. Retinoids have two ways of acting that causes oiliness : - first they dry & irritate the skin. So the skin reacts by producing more sebum to restore lipid barrier. - second they exfoliate quicker. Imagine this is your skin : -------- LAYER 1 ---------- -------- LAYER 2 ---------- -------- LAYER 3 ---------- -------- LAYER
  15. The question of "Week 8" or "week 10" or whatever is irrelevant. For some people with a lot of congested skin, and with a lot of sebum production (especially in summer), it can take more than 3 months to notice results. However results will, for most, eventually come. So... Just keep using it if you don't have irritation or a lot of big pimples.