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  1. They were pretty much caused from ingrown hairs. The ones circled on the right have faded a bit over time (2 months) but there is a new one (arrow pointing at it). I'm not sure what to do with them or what kind of scars. Thoughts
  2. How do I get rid of scars left from ingrown hairs? When I stretch the skin the darker pigmentation kinda fades. Is bio-oil good?
  3. My derm said it was secondary to scarring. Like a build up of calcium in the skin. I want to try electro cautery, but i can't find anything about it here
  4. Hey guys, I have a similar problem. I posted a thread with pics on the acne scar forum. I had a biopsy a while ago and it came back saying it was Dystrophic Calcification...
  5. hey I've had these raised scars/excess scar tissue for many years. Derms have really been no help. If I pout my lips in certain ways it becomes flatten, but my "normal" face, they are pretty obvious. What solutions do you think could fix them? What would happen if i cut the excess tissue..would normal flatten skin grow back?
  6. What would happen if I attempted to cut/remove Hypertrophic scars on my chin? Would it make it worse?
  7. I tried silicon pads for about a month. Some good reviews can be found about them...but not from me. I gave them up after a month because 1. They weren't working (I know it takes months, but still) 2. It would be very expensive to maintain for months on end, and 3. Sweat made them fall off, especially on my chest. What about the gels that you simply rub in? They are pretty expensive, so I don't if I want to waste my money on it if its not going to work. I might go to a GP and demand the
  8. I'm in a similar position to you. I don't know if i should give one of those silicon gels a try (dermatrix..) a try or buy a cortisone gel. I think I might just give dermatrix a try.
  9. I really think a couple of them need a cortisone injection. Can a doctor do this? Can I just ask the reception if they do this when I call? It costs a lot to go to a derm and I don't even know where to chose.
  10. Ok, so I went to a cosmetic institute about the hypertrophic scars on my chin that have been there for years. See http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry2360474 2 doctors both looked at them and said there is nothing they can do to fix them and that I just have to live with them. I'm so shattered. They said hypertronic scars are unable to be treated and they are permanent. I don't know where to go now or what do do. I feel like no one has a definitive answer
  11. They are called hypertrophic scars. I've had them for 5 years! I'm going to a cosmestic doctor next week.
  12. OK, I went to a GP. He told me it's scar tissue that is raised. He said normally its flat. He said theres no puss or anything in it - its just scaring that needs to be flatened. He recommended me dermatix and said laser treatment. He also said cortosine injections but said they are pretty painful - is this true.
  13. Even if I don't shave for a while, they are still there. Thanks for the responses so far, but do you think they even look like nodules?
  14. In the following 3 photos you can see bumps that are underneath the skin. I had bad acne as an early teen but that cleared up with Roaccutane over 5 years ago. These bumps have been there for about that time frame. I've been too derms - one suggested laser resurfacing (no thanks!) and the other said that they were "fatty deposits" and injected something in them with a needle but didn't do a very good job (over a year ago) and told me to see another derm he reccomended. Now I feel like I j