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  1. the blackhead crub, love it! I only use it once a day twice would be tooo much
  2. well you did take the picture on the wrong side and the current one is kinda blurry, but good job! lookin sexy keep going
  3. very good, I might have to go on accutane so I'm gonna print this out
  4. it's sooo important to eat good foods and balance your diet, I feel a lot better when i do, so try it! o how honey buns and cinnamin buns are soo tempting but i can't I'll regret it
  5. made sure I came here today to wish u a happy birthday
  6. the most imprtant part of being attractive as representing urself as a clean, well groomed healthy person. acne is not healthy at all and ruin's ur face that's why its not attractive. the perfect bone structure will not make u attractive unless u've got white teeth, nice hair and skin, are clean and everything
  7. I went to 2 different stores today, eveyone i asked had no idea what Vitamin K is, where can i find it ???
  8. wtf I always use thx! but to answer the question, yea I've prayed, hopefully it'll come true!