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  1. I am the same no acne on my forhead, never had it
  2. Thats a good regimine. Mine is simmilar to that now. Except i use the cetepil cleanser and olay face cream due to my dry skin but that regiman sounds good however, maybe you want to put hte lotion on last
  3. i get hte same thing when i pluck my upper lip hairs clean the tweezers with rubbing alchaol then apply alchaol to the area that you wish to pluck then go ahead
  4. amazing coverage goshh i need you haha beutiful eyes and eye makeup haha nice blue eyes gosh am i envious my eyes are brown
  5. toners are ment to clea any remaining gunk leftover from your skin like if your cleanser didnt take it all out hten you would use a toner
  6. Your acne is absouluteyl not bad just use some neutrogena on the spot and you should be clear in no time good luck
  7. YOu need a cleanser!!! your skin is very irrated!!! you should use cetephil gentel skin cleaser after your shower and when you wash barely touch your sin as you do it be as agentel as possible and when wiping your face use soft items not paper towel use a kleenex instead
  8. Swiming in chloranated water completely kills body acne my friend had some bumps on her back and after a week of swiming they were gone drinking alot of water i.e. 10-12 cups a day shall make ur face less oily and the pinmples will stop coming up like white heads i mean i would recomend home made remedies they really help good luck
  9. Green tea is great it really helps with your acne good luck
  10. its not that bad maybe a high mild or low moderate
  11. the dove sensitive skin might have something that is bothering you maybe it is the fragrence or the glycerin or something just stick to the clenser that is working best and hope for the best also make sure to moisterize dry skin doesnt look that nice compared to hydrated skin
  12. I ofund that mixing it with a juice will help orange juice nad cranberry juice work best good luck :")
  13. I have the same problem and cant get rid of it
  14. I love differin! It really depends on ur skin my skin is between dry to non oily and sometimes really oily differin helps me get rid of acne under the skin so it can heal faster unfortunately i had never had more than a couple pustules and very mild acne so i cant tellu that it worked wonders. it really helped me out but kind of dried out my skin so i was forced to do it every other day and combine it with mostrizure
  15. well i have just posted a thread about em but i cant get it because i dont have a credit card so i cant pay online. what are some other great mineral makeups that arent too expensive and that have great coverage rite now i am using chanel liquid foundation in ivory/porcelain. thanx so much!