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  1. hey man, im starting accutane in a month and i saw that you commented about worrying about food. So the foods that affected you before accutane are no longer a worry?

    and Did the food you ate during the course of accutane affect you the same? Like would the IB be worse if I ate something that would normally break me out? I basically only eat fruit, vegetables, and proteins and it SUCKS.

  2. good luck. This shit has worked miracles for me.
  3. Cuz the ideal guy cant be really that sensitive and cry about acne to his parents. Even if I did almost. They cant expect sympathy really for something that most ppl get these days? idk. I believe it, Ive been at this point pretty much based off acne. Just couldnt handle how bad it was getting, got my hopes up on minocycline (hah minos a joke) and freaked out picked like mad. Having no control sucks, and guys want control. But still it's not AS bad for guys to have acne, thats the truth. Yeah
  4. Just switch derms until they give u accutane. My first one said they're going to try every product ever made before accutane.. I switched and got it right after a 4 month bullshit of minocycline. But hey I got it. And trust me Accutane is the shit. Why? It works. 100%. At least for me and everyone Ive known to use it in person.. Btw I still dont think Accutane is as serious as it's made to be. I mean it's strong I'm sure, but in my experience almost no side effects.
  5. I wouldnt stress over what the guy above me said. That's not 100% true. Yeah it varies. But for most 3 months will be the key to no active acne. THen it's all about clearing up. Ill tell you how mine went. And yes it goes by months for accutane, it's annoying but true usually. Month 1- A bit better after this. Didnt have and initial breakout besides blackheads. Month 2- Right away all the blackheads just left and it was wierrd those areas looked so good with that out.Everything was changing,
  6. well itll only be tough to focus in school cuz ur so distracted by ur face. But I do much better in school now that the treatment is done. Being happy with a clear face just helps big time in school for me at least. I swear if you dont worry/get paranoid/ stress about the side effects you wont really get them. I dont think I got a single side effect on a normal dosage for 6 months. Accept maybe being tired.
  7. umm update...All I can say is my face looks like I never had acne.. Accept this one outdented scar where I had a bad bad battle. I'm just so suprised and happy, that it truly has performed miracles. 4/5 months ago, I really was trying to convince myself, that no one will be able to notice all these redmarks n everything once it starts clearing up. I thought I was going to be stuck with scars/redmarks at least after the course. I still have a month left and I cant say enough good things about
  8. thanx. I promise you guys, once it kicks in. You'll be amazed at how fast your face changes. And when it starts WORKING, yyou'll never be happier. It's just as good as you expect it. I'm at the point where I dont get pimples anymore no matter what I eat, and I can just say it is damn right awesome. Once you get start getting clear, you'll forget a lot about the past.
  9. and I wish everyone the best of luck if they start this
  10. Day I DONT EVEN KNOW: All I'm gonna say is, I'm clear (cept one little pimple idc bout) REDMARkS AND ALL>!!!
  11. I dont have much time to write a lengthy story of before and after. I could go on about how it all happened, affected me, used to be king of school, etc. But this will be just a shortish summary of what you can expect in your months on accutane. For new users especially should read this. I'm a guy, 17 years old, Midwest. Had since 13 years, real bad for last 2, skin and everything. After stopping Monocycline my Depression/anxiety lowered SO MUCH. If anything Accutane made me happier cuz I kn
  12. ya that causes Acne. But I'm pretty sure that being acne prone has to do with you growing facial hair, whether it's peach fuzz or a full grown beard.
  13. it makes sense. It's where you are growing your facial hair. Which should grow at identical lengths, and be symmetrical to eachother right? Beards are usually even on each side you know. But I always would get a cyst/pimple/little head that would appear in the same spot. Kinda in the middle of my lower cheek. I'd get a pimple. Next week it'd clear up with a redmark. And then after a couple days of relief I'd get another thing their. It's repeated this cycle for honestly a year now. Now tha