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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_9AykTnGwM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1vCznyDDwU
  2. I wish i could look at mirrors,but they broke everytime i take a glance at them. =P
  3. I have acne since 12 years old and i am 21 now.So i am 9 years with acne.
  4. It looks like she refused you using a cheap excuse.Try to find another girl.
  5. Remember people are lying when they say looks aren´t important.Try to improve yourself is the only thing you can do.Sorry for my bad english
  6. I felt more secure around older people because they are more mature and less likely to try humiliate me because of my face.
  7. When people looked at my face and began to laugh or say something like:What´s wrong with you?
  8. My list: 1-Learn a new language 2-Engage in a fight 3-Marry a girl 4-Have kids 5-Know a new country 6-Build a house 7-Buy a car 8-Participate in a war 9-Graduate in college 10-Be strong
  9. Nationality:Brazilian Ethnicity:1/2 Japanese,1/4 Portuguese and 1/4 Spanish Hello everyone!
  10. I have 20 years old and i never had a girlfriend as well,but think about the people with HIV or deadly cancer.They are worse than you,they have no choice and will die anyway.