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  1. Don't overdo the baking soda... it can go too far!
  2. Certain clothing fabric can cause problems, as well.. try to exfoliate on the regular basis with granulated sugar then finish up with benzyl peroxide (a stronger version, maybe 10%)
  3. Warm water and lemon works well. I also reccomend a gentle natural laxative before bedtime.
  4. 1. Stop with all AHA products. 2. Stop with acne soaps, use a regular bar soap like zest. 3. Use benzyl peroxide at night *a low dose one, say 2 or 3% 4. Use a moisturiser during the day, like vivier lexxim (redness creme)
  5. I find that any AHA makes things worse for me. A good exfoliant (say once/twice a week) is just granulated sugar (no acids).
  6. I tried this for several weeks with no success a few months ago. Just letting everyone know.
  7. Salt is antibacterial.. and if your soaking for longer periods I'm sure it would help your skin. Be cafeful not to do this without an moisturiser however - salt water can be very drying.
  8. be careful your not correlating a tan with better skin. Any sun damage is damage period - it may tempory make things look more even and nices but long term it will screw you!... warm weather on the otherhand may make skin look better - cold weather can be notorious for dryness and sensitivity.
  9. I have to agree with the poster. If your going to do any medications, soaps ect then you should pace yourself so you don't go overboard. It is also a good idea, to do say a month of treatment then leave your skin alone for a month to give it a break.
  10. I find that no primer is best for me. The foundation I use, is a satin version and just glides right on perfectly. I find that primer made me look too shiny.
  11. Frankly I find this makeup a little too "flat" and dry. I also don't like the feeling it leaves on my skin.
  12. I am a Colon Hydrotherapist.. you can read more about my services at *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * . Colon Hydrotherapy works very well if you find you have a sensitivity to food that results in more acne. Normally a person with acne, needs 4 treatments. I recommend that you ONLY do treatments with someone who is certified. Google around for more information, or ask questions here.
  13. If you are trying to "clean house", checkout "colon hydrotherapy".. this is faster and works 100% better.