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  1. I don't know about it, but you seem happy for gettin' some action, which is always a good thing in this sad depressing forum. well done.
  2. bullshit man I got no problem w/ acne on girls still being attractive but to say that it makes them hot is retarded. she's the same girl w/ or w/o, afterall.
  3. damn this is acne.org and people really wanna be on here that much? no thanks. -I won't see it if you reply to this-
  4. he's just telling you the way he feels about you. that CAN'T be wrong, it's his feelings about YOU. you should be happy!
  5. it's not stupid and no you're not the only one .. btw lots of people become reclusive from society and it's not always to do w/ acne. but anyway yeah it sucks balls, but you can only look to yourself for answers. the will to take charge of your life and all that!
  6. why don't we do a new regimen, the none jerkin' off regimen and see if it works.
  7. I shall take this advice from somebody that is named after the average depth of a coffin in the ground. KAY! that just made my day
  8. ay man, I've read a few of your posts and I hope everything goes well. even if you do get it, at least you will know str8 away and you can fight it likes lots of other people have done. as for the girl. she doesn't sound like she's worth shit to me. I know how hard it can be to get over a girl, but trust me it can be done .. I've done it a fair amount of times myself. if you wanna move on w/ yourlife, destroy all contact w/ her and practice putting her out of your mind for good. if you keep c
  9. reading about other peoples experiences w/ depression helps I think, when you know you're not the only one it takes away some of the pressure. my advice would be to keep yourself busy even if you don't go out, doing some exercises is a good way to give you energy and stretching can help alleviate stress. then challenge yourself to go out somewhere, keep building on it and try to stay positive.
  10. I don't think it's a big problem to not have had a gf going into your 20's .. if you're focused on other things then good for you, but if you're not happy then it's a different story. I think WE can all find someone no matter how we look, not everyone in the world is so shallow. It's just most of us only focus on our acne, so ironically the people who don't care about it are probably turned off anyway. I know severe is hard, but you guys being lonely and depressing yourselves all the time is
  11. at least you're treating your condition, that's all you can physically do so try to relax a bit.
  12. don't be so scared, men have insecurities too ya know. he's probably as scared as you are. just call him and ask him what he's doing or up to, don't confess your love to him.