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  1. Ive been reading your accutane journal. Can you MG/pm where you buy your accutane?

    1. If that was me in the store I would have told her; "why you starring at me like Im a piece of meat!"
    2. 366490

      food to avoid?what do u avoid?

      For me it has to be Milk/cheese/peanut butter.
    3. 366490

      My nose is infested.

      I usually steam my face with sea salt then squeze the blackouts out then use cleaser on my face and medication. Ive been doing it for like 6 years my skin looks great. I wish a had a camera now. I haven't pop blackheads for about a week and right now skin is blackhead-free.
    4. 366490

      Why do they say you grow out of acne at 40?

      Not true because my Dad is 49 and still has acne. My grandpa had acne even before he died at 94.
    5. 366490

      skin clearer in morning?

      I believe it just looks clearer; but alot of people get acne at night. Since hormones are higher in the morning.
    6. 366490

      bp stopped working after 2 years :(

      Thats why you change your cleaser and bp over time. I have been on the regime for like 6 years. I change products once my skin starts breking out again. Its because the bacteria has become resistance.
    7. 366490


    8. 366490

      Very dry skin in need of intense moisture

      Used lo'real intense hydra creme. Its non-condemgenic and its only 6 bucks. I layer it after applying benzol. Its sells out fast at my walmart when restock.
    9. I had used retin-a for two years and it completely got rid of my indent acne scars.
    10. 366490

      The seborrheic dermatitis thread

      I've been taking zinc 50mg, b2/b6 100mg once a day. The redness is less and I don't have dead skin flakes anymore; someone day told me I have beautiful skin/ but then ten minutes after some rude boy told me that why my skin is so red.
    11. 366490

      The seborrheic dermatitis thread

      Ive been taking zinc, Vitamin b2 and b6 everyday, it really has been helping me with my SD. I no longer have the dead skin that hangouts and 50% of the redness is gone.
    12. 366490

      The seborrheic dermatitis thread

      I will start taking zinc and vitamin b6 then. I don't know how much to take though???
    13. 366490

      Constant Shine (Oiliness or Not??)

      A) WHAT is going on here? You have redness from seb derm, oily, and acne skin. I have all three too. B) What would you suggest I do from here? I'm still on the regime, I keep my seb derm under control with lo'real face creams and heads and shoulders. The only pill im currently taking is fish oil pills too.