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    I have not ate refined sugary food for 2 weeks now and my Facial Acne is gone!!!. I was a junk food junkie. I love Chocolate and cakes. I had noticed that everytime I hate a chocoalte cake I would have pimples on my face. I now eat high fiber foods like Brown bread and cereals like Bran Flakes and Fruit and N'Fiber and my acne seems to be gone. I have even been little stressed lately as well and it has not triggerd anything. I would recommend to people cut down on refined sugars,White br
  2. Ince

    Diet and my Acne

    I am 25 year old male who has had acne ever since I was 19 I have mild/moderate acne. I did not suffer Teen acne but when I had turned 19 I started getting acne on my legs,back and face. I tried many supplements from Zinc to Evening Primrose Oil which did not work. What did work for me was Low-Carb diet. This is the only thing that stopped all the pimples on my face. What I am trying to figure out is what food triggers my acne. I suspect sugar but the other day I broke my diet and had q