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  1. Hi, I'm a 17 year old senior in highschool, and I've had mild acne since I was 13. It has never been that bad, just a pimple here and there. I finally decided that I was going to combat it. So to start, you have to get on a schedule and keep that schedule. So if you clean your face in the morning, clean it in the morning every day...Do not skip. So here is my routine which has worked pretty well... First off, I changed my pillow cases every 2 days. I drool in my sleep, so this was needed.
  2. I'd just like to add that ProActiv is a good product. Honestly I don't use the bottle that has the stuff with beads and the toner because it's too much work. What I do is put the BP that came with it all over my face, like shaving creme and then take the sulfur mask and cover the problem areas. In the morning the problems are gone, just a little red mark. Now the bad part. I called and canceled my ProActiv because I had like 4 bottles and didn't need any more. The sales person tried to make me
  3. First off I would like to say I didn't understand half of your post. Broken English? I don't know. From what I gathered, you have mild acne. Clean your skin and try not to pick. My tips: Get a good night sleep with clean pillow cases. Other wise you get fucked up skin.
  4. I try my hardest to not shave but if I don't my brother calls me a Mexican. (His saying not mine) It always breaks me out, but it goes away in a few days.
  5. The 2 previous comments are 100% correct
  6. What I do is take the ProActiv cleanser (small bottle) and put it on top of the zits. They then puss and then in a few hours they are gone.
  7. When someone gives you advice you should take it. Are you your friend? You and your friend have different skin unless your inbred or something. Try what people say, and you might get results.
  8. What is that nasty shit that comes out? I find it really fun to pop pimples
  9. Oily hair, hair products, pantene pro v
  10. 1st if your girlfriend doesn't like you because of your acne than you now know she is not the "one". Anyhow, I would first like to say you are very courageous coming on a website and asking for help. I would also like to state everyone has a different reaction to products. Some things work and some things don't. 2nd, I would like to tell you acne isn't a quick fix. It can take months to years for some people. I'm not sure if you have tried ProActiv but I would try it. Also get the Clearisil
  11. I use hot water from the shower since I do all my acne stuff in the shower. Even though it's not the best place to do it, I don't have time in the morning/night to treat my acne properly. I still get great results though so
  12. I have the same gay dots that you push and like a string of nasty comes out lol. Usually after I pop them though they go away and never come back..... Sorry to hear about your failures.
  13. I would like to know also. I have the same awful problem.
  14. I refuse to let acne win. It feels so good when you win the fight. Just letting you know.
  15. I have the same thing. My gf always jokes with me about having herpes. lol. I think it's because I eat a lot of greasy food and it gets in my pores.