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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can identify what this big bump on my forehead is. This thing has been there for little less than 2 weeks now. Btw, I've been 99% clear from Dan's Regimen. I used to have a severe acne problem. Believe me, it works. Dan, you are awesome! Thanks guys.
  2. Hi all, Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture... I saw a few people using this product. This product does not say anything about "not clogging pores" or it being non-comedogenic. Is this a safe bet for a moisturizer with the CSR? Thanks.
  3. Yes, I concur. Dan you rock! I was surprised to see dan_summers finding my old testimonial post. It was good to be reminded of those days. Hopefully, the fix will be out soon, so that I can go back to those days again. Once again, Dan... you are AWESOME!
  4. I have been clear for one year from the Dan's regimen until this past couple of months. I even posted a testimonial post about how my miserable acne-filled face became clear from the regimen. I think it has to be the new BP gel. I first thought it was just a packaging difference, but when I noticed a different smell, I couldn't stop suspecting what the heck the deal was. So I went on to this forum, which I haven't been on for many months, to find out what was going on. I don't know what exactly
  5. Hi everyone, Why do I bother writing about how awesome Dan's regimen is at 2 a.m. on saturday night? Because it truly saved my self-esteem! I've had acne since I was in 10th grade in high school. It didn't start out so severely. I used to think it's just a natural process that all teens go through. Then, as I was getting older, it seemed to get worse every day. I looked at my face after the shower one day, and I realized I had to do something. That's when I happened to see the Proactive solu
  6. Hi, I've been using Dan's Regimen for about 1 week now. My acne has improved, but I started to see these tiny white bumps all over my face. Whiteheads are the ones with red base and "white blood cell corpse" up top, right? These don't look like them. I didnt' have any of these tiny bumps till I got on the regimen. Could someone identify them for me and suggest a possible remedy? Thanks much. Best Wishes,
  7. Hi, Since many of you (2 people at least) wanted to so badly hear from me about this product, I am finally updating this log. As of this afternoon, all my pills completely ran out. Both capsule containers are empty. However, I am quite disappointed. I am at exactly where I was one week ago. "Improvement from the initial worsening," but still pretty frequent break-outs, including 2 cysts that I just got... I really am seriously considering accutane now. Nothing have worked for me so far. BP, S
  8. Sounds like a scam to me, also some major SOB's (Read up on their 30 day money back guarantee policy) People that come up with BS to make money should be hung.
  9. I heard that the waves that are generated by electronic devices can have harmful effects on human organs especially the liver. (It was also found that for male, having cellphones in the pants pocket, reduces the number of sperms by 30%. Yeah... WTF?!?!?!?) <- A recent study from Johns Hopkins University. If the health of one's liver has something to do with one's acne, (I don't personally fully believe this to be an axiom) then that must be why computer usage can have negative effects. In c
  10. Hi, If you are interested, go to the link below to see my log on this product. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=26849 I will repeat that I REALLY love that acne gel. I don't know if it's clearing me up or not, but it smells so good and makes my overall skin feel very smooth. Two days ago, I got a gigantic cyst that I haven't gotten for almost 2 weeks. Oh well, as of now, it's likely that I will return this product. I will give it one more week to decide. It's just that,
  11. Holy Crap, It's already been 3 weeks. I got a PM from someone asking about the update. I didn't think anybody was reading this other than myself. Apparently, others do read it. :ph34r: Anyway, today is exactly 3 weeks since I started this system. I've been about 95% consistent. (except for maybe 2 days) Am I totally clear now? No, not anywhere close. Does it look better than what it used to be? Yes. As they have stated, I did experience a worsening of acne for first 2 weeks, and now it's get
  12. Mr. Mushrooms, SOOO true. I could not agree with you more. Acne has seriously shaped me to be a better person. I've become less judgemental of others and more focused on my career. Especially being a college student, while in school, I am always tempted to go out partying/"have good times." However, I, in most cases, am too shy, and therefore am forced to stay and focus on school. At times I did feel sad and disappointed. I personally consider myself to be pretty good looking if it weren't for
  13. Uh oh, It has only been 3 days since I wrote the first entry of my "log" to Zenmed, and things have worsened significantly. As expected, I am NOT the lucky 25% of the people that don't experience the worsening of acne for first 2 weeks. Wow, seriously in 3 days, I can't believe how much worse it has become. I didn't change anything other than the amount of sleep. I slept a lot more than usual. (just because I could) I think that should only help, if not no effect at all. Anyway, as of now, onc
  14. Hi, I have recently purchased Zenmed. I am actually trying to take a log of this product uni/bi-weekly. So far, I see a descent improvement. I know for whatever reason for most people, this product worsened their acne. I don't know... When I tried Proactive or Murad, my acne worsened so bad, and I felt like I am always in the "unfortunately not successful" percent of people that it didn't work out. It's probably because I started with NO expectation at all, but at this point I started to see
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for all the replies. They were very deeply appreciated. So it seems like the main point I get out of all of your comments, is that I should try not to wash my face every 3-4 hours. I guess I will give that a try. Only twice daily? Man... I feel like I am cultivating acne if I feel much oil on my face. I guess like one of you guys said, I could try using the C&C oil absorbing sheets. Those don't dry out my skin? Also seems like a couple of toners were recommended.