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  1. I think that this would be a great book for everyone to read.
  2. P.S. Not all herbs are chinese And colonics are fantastic....you really should try one. You might actaully like it.
  3. Have you ever done a cleanse? I simply do not agree with you and think it's pretty ignorant and moronic. And suggest you try some cleanses, because in all honesty if you were reallly healthy you wouldn't be chatting on this website. I personally witnessed a family member with a life threatening illness recovery completely through doing vigorous cleansing and obviously eating healthy myself as well. If anyone has ever done a cleanse (maybe more if their reallly toxic) would notice an improv
  4. Dr. Schulze does stress that a healthy diet and a lifestyle is the ideal way to live, but can one honestly say that for their entire being that they've lived that way? Even if one did everybody's body is being assaulted by every day chemicals in the world today, whether it's something one has used, touched or inhaled. There have been over 72,000 synthetic chemicals developed since WW11 and less than 2% have been tested for toxicity. Many are known to cause birth defects, cancer and damage the
  5. I dont know if I've ever seen a probiotic that hasn't been cultured in milk or soy. They may be out there, but I'd say 99% are either so or milk based. I doubt you would have any reaction to such tiny amounts of soy or milk in a probiotic. I have never heard of anyone having bad reactions to a probiotic due to soy or milk allergies. The soy would be fermented, mking it much better than normla soy, and milk-based probiotics would have very, very little lactose or casein in them. I wouldnt worry a
  6. Could you explain in more detail how the flushes work? Thanks A person is basically taking Formula 1 it stimulates the colon's natural muscle action and strengthens the muscles of the large intestine. It halts putrefaction and disinfects, sooths and heals, improves digestion, relieve gas and cramps, increases the flow of bile which in turn cleans the gall bladder, bile ducts and liver, destroys Candida overgrowth and promotes a healty intestinal flora. It also destroys parasites, increases
  7. Why fight candida? Why not do a reallly great bowel cleanse to kill the candida ? I really recomend wwwherbdoc.com the products and all the cleanses are really great and work so good! (I've had candida for such a long time and this was the only thing that worked for me) The cleanse is for 5 days, but depending onl how bad your candida is you may need to do more then one, but that's all good, because his bowel cleanse does so much more! Also really good to take alot of raw garlic for candida, al
  8. Salt is not the most healthiest thing to use whether it's table salt or sea salt it's extremely hard on a person's kidneys. I personally love cayenne pepper...and it's so healthy for the entire body...it really unblocks any blockage in the body! I like putting 1/2 tsp. of cayenne in a jar with 2 glasses of water and freshly juiced lemon and lime....shake and drink first thing in the morning! Great for the kidneys and giving me a boost before my morning smoothie! ciaobella88
  9. I forgot to mention.....dairy is lilke sludge.......it really sticks to the walls of your intestine as well as gluten...major constipation and a disaster to the colon. Meat takes forever to digest as well. It's like leaving meat on the counter at room temp. for days....now imagine it in our colons...yuck! ciaobella88
  10. For better digestion and constipation (they go hand in hand) the best remedy is doing a bowel cleanse and depending on your digestion and constipation you may need to do more then onel. The best bowel cleanse that I have ever done is by an ND Dr.Schultze his website is www.herbdoc.com He has alot of incredible products and cleanses I labsolutely love them and I'm really hooked on doing all his cleanses! The bowel cleanse is for 5 days...it is fantastic! Also for digestion taking digestive enzyme
  11. Adding omega 6-9 to your diet will give you healthy fat and help to put some weight on you as well as being extremely good for any acne problems. I hope that the rice you are eating is brown and not white! Is carbs what you want or is it fibre? ciaobella88
  12. I've battled with systematic candida forever and I have found only thing that truly works....bowel cleansing with plenty of raw garlic and echinacea (to boost ones' immune system) Depending on how severe your candida is one bowel cleanse may not be enough. The best bowel cleanse that I have ever done is by a ND andcan be purchased online. www.herbdoc.com. The cleanse is only for 5 days and works absolutely great! I actuallly love all his cleanses and products....I am hooked on cleansing with his