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  1. Acne doctor your awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks for the answers and the optimism!! Seriously don't know how, but I got a huge amount of optimism from this (probably because you call yourself "Acne Doctor" which makes me think you have solid credibility. Hopefully you do actually have credibility) :D :D
  2. Thanks for the advice people. The last time I saw my derm (August 13 I believe), he did not seem too shocked or concerned at all about my red marks. I asked him whether or not there was something I could do whilst on accutane to somewhat reduce the overall redness on my face, and he said no. It's probably just me, but my derm seems to not be that much of an expert on acne and red marks but more of a botox/ scar specialist. Pretty much everything he said when prescribing me accutane I had known
  3. Hey man I'm definitely in the same boat as you, although im still currently on my 2nd month of accutane. It's a miracle how clear my skin got in terms of acne and cysts, however, I was left with severeeee red marks. I'm pretty sure I rank up pretty high amongst the red mark people. Anyways, I decided to get some cover up at Target to lighten the appearance of the marks, rather than having to go to school everyday with what looks like a face with bleeding cheeks. I got the Almay Clear Complexio
  4. Thanks Pog, Christpunchers, and Sid. Guess I will have to have the utmost patience for this...
  5. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Accutane-...ery-t87675.html Hopefully someday we can add our success in that gallery.
  6. I'd like to know as well. Red marks have been absolute hell for me. I have severe red marks on my cheeks, yet very minimal active acne on my face(knock on wood). If my red marks somehow all faded in a second, I honestly believe I would have a seemingly crystal clear face. Unfortunately that's impossible, and for now I have to wait for accutane to hit the 5th month (currently in the 2nd month). For now, I have to suffer everyday looking like i have blood on my cheeks. (pics are available in the
  7. I've actually tried it three times the past 3 days and am noticing slight improvement with my mild red marks on my forehead, however, my severe red marks on my cheeks stay the same. I'll do it everyday for 2 weeks and decide whether or not to continue. Oh and a quick question..even though I'm on accutane, would it be ok for me to use the ACV and Baking Soda regimen whilst on accutane because I have these severe redmarks, plus I think my face can withstand the drying power?(face is very smooth
  8. Damn school fuckin sucks so bad right now. Everyone thinks I've got a million pimples on my cheeks, when actually my cheeks are pretty clear but are left with severeeeeeeee red marks. It looks like my cheeks are bleeding internally, and some red marks make the illusion of deeeeeep scars, when actually there are no scars. Well here are my questions: 1. Do all red marks fade with time? - Even though everyone is different, what is the time period for recovery? 2. Does accutane make red marks slow
  9. I have the same exact kind of red marks on my cheeks. Finally I found someone who has the same, or similar, type of red marks as me. I'm currently on accutane in my 2nd month(40mg) and it's been a blessing of how fast my acne has subsided, however, my red marks remain. Seriously, my red marks make my face look 110% times worse than it actually is. I shined a bright light on my face and saw in the mirror perfect skin(of course some small pimples as well). I have brown skin, not too light, not to
  10. I probably shouldn't be responding to this because I am currently going through an initial breakout, however, I think initial breakouts happen only if you stopped a previous medication. In my case, I was using differin and was on it for maybe 3 weeks, so all of a sudden I stopped that and my face reacted by breaking out and letting loose all the acne previously controlled by the differin. I hope you don't get an initial breakout, and best of luck to you.
  11. Thanks for all the info. Right now I'm breaking out like pretty good and I can only hope to have results by the end of month 2. I hope you have success with your second course.
  12. You're son and all those dealing with this evil(acne) will be in my prayers :) . Day 8 Update Acne: I'm one of the lucky few who have received the graces of the cursed Initial Breakout..Chin is fairly clear but still rough textured, cheeks have bumps everywhere, forehead still breaking out, and nose is breaking out the most. Every thing's drying up. And every morning I wake up with dried blood spots on my face, which probably means I moved around too much when I was sleeping and acci
  13. Quick Update: Day 5 I feel sooooo sluggish. My eyes are lazy, my head hurts, there's joint pain, and there's been a minor breakout. NOTE: Pimples do in fact become more tender when on accutane. Still pretty oily. I'll post pics up every week, so on week 7 new pics arriving! Please Lord let this be my savior medicine.
  14. Wow how are you getting you're red marks to fade so fast/ fully? I need your secrets!! Congratulations on the improving skin!!