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  1. Hi! I've only been taking diane 35 for 2 weeks so cant comment on any side effects yet. My last breakout seems to be clearing so fingers crossed! I had friends who have taken this and they didnt find any side effects. I think when you think about it too much or worry about it, then sometimes it can make things appear, if you understand what i mean?! And yes, they are meant to be just as effective as any other type of BC. Can i ask how long was it until you noticed changes in your skin?
  2. Hi I used Zineryt back last year, i must say that it did a nice job of clearing my skin for a few good months. Even in the first week i saw a big difference. I didnt experience any dryness that my normal moisturiser didnt resolve and i didnt find it made my skin red or anything. My Dr told me that the best way to apply it is lightly. Just dab it lightly to the effected areas, making sure you dont 'soak' the skin, as sometimes we can overdo it thinking it will help more! So if you put too mu
  3. Thanks for your replies! I think i was a bit stressed last night! Today is much better, the redness has died down and it covered fine with make up so back at work. I only put little amounts on spots last night, i think i'll only apply a pea sized amount to my face from now on..the leaflet says a fingertip full..which is a little more. Yeah i guess my skin has to get used to the BP. Its mildly dry today so will keep using my gentle cleanser & moisturiser!
  4. thanks for the advice. Ideally i was hoping the dr would give me dianette straight away as she said it would clear my skin beautifully, but that i should start with a another topical first. I asked for yasmin as i was on microgynon for years which isnt the best pill. Yeah i might continue with the next 2 packs of yasmin before dianette, see how i go with the duac..altho its not been good so far! Have not used any tonight apart from dotting a little bit on a few spots. My face is still red!
  5. Hi I used finacea gel (15%) for 2 weeks, sadly it didnt stop me from breaking out. It dried up some spots a bit and does help reduce the redness of marks & make the face lighter, but if you find BP effective then im not sure you'll get the results you need from finacea. I do know that you can buy a 20% gel- skinoren which is meant to do the same things but might be better at fighting acne.
  6. Hi Mary Sorry to hear that you're unhappy at the moment and acne is getting you down too. I've been guilty of letting friends down lately and cancelling plans.. I went to the dr monday and got a prescription for duac gel. I told myself that i wasnt gonna think about my skin too much at work and tried to keep it in my head that i was doing something about my skin, it worked a bit and i didnt feel so self concious. Well..i used the duac last night and this morning i wasnt pleased! My face l
  7. Hi, i've been on yasmin for 2 weeks now and have noticed spots appearing around my ear/neck area and i was getting similar outbreaks to what i do when i'm due to have a period, altho i wasnt due to have one. The doctor said to give it 3 months, however, i have ordered dianette from an online pharmacy as i know its the best for acne. Friends have used it with good results. My doctor would make me wait a few months on the yasmin and probably try me on antibiotics first before giving me dianette
  8. Hi I was prescribed DUAC gel yesterday and used it last night for the first time, did everything it said to do on the pack.. made sure i only put on a light film. Well when i woke this morn my face looked like its been sunburnt! In fact its still as red now, over 9 hours later I cleanse with a gentle organic cleanser with no alcohol/chemicals so i cant understand why its so red - my face is very hot. I know its a side effect but ive used BP and Clindamycin previously. Has anyone else expe
  9. Hi, yeah i've been using yasmin for only about 2 weeks, maybe i'm breaking out as im more concious about my skin..who knows?! But i did take one of my old pills today, maybe i should just stick out the yasmin for now. Im going to see the doctor tomorrow and will ask for duac as hopefully that'll get rid of the current spots. I just worry all the time as i feel at 27 i should be enjoying that 20 something skin after acne and before wrinkles lol. Hopefully my dianette wont take too long to arri
  10. Thanks for the reply! Finacea- well it says its for acne & rosacea. I find my face is redder than my neck and chest and heard its great for helping to fade old breakouts/marks. Its worked on the redness and marks and does help the spots heal but yeah, dont find it useful at preventing new breakouts. Gonna ask the dr for duac as thats what she suggested in the first place..so hopefully both will be good! Yeah i try not to let my skin get to me, esp when others suffer so much more. It ju
  11. Hi i'm new to the boards so hi everyone! I've been using the site quite a bit lately, for reviews & support. Some stuff about me- i'm 27 and have had 'problem' skin since i was about 14. I'd say i had moderate acne around 15-17 and my social life was virtually non existant. I would find excuses not to go out and i'd stay in all the time. I finally went to the doctor and she said i was beginning to scar so was prescribed BP gel and antibiotics. I think they helped as it died down a bit