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  1. I was on Tetracylcine for a really long time maybe 1.5-2 years and when they stopped working my doctor prescribed Doxycycline. The doxy didn't really have any effect on it and to be honest I wish I'd never taken any antibiotics for it. They did have great results for maybe a couple of months but I think my acne perhaps came back worse - this could well be my imagination as they worked great for a bit. I didn't try taking probiotics with them though so may be worth a go. But I definitely don
  2. been taking oxytetracycline for nearly over a year, how do you stop taking something without it causing your skin to get worse? i don't really want to be on anti biotics any more thanks
  3. do the prices on there include postage? and you don't get the customs charge? im interested in getting the AHA
  4. im still a teenager but both my sisters had acne and they grew out of it by about 24 i think so i wouldn't worry
  5. I've been using the 2.5 about 3 days it is good my skin is looking better than it has in a really long time i would definately recomend it as i previously used salycilic acid that was £12 a bottle! But it has given me red marks by my nose and under my eyes that look a bit like sunburn which i've heard will go down so im not too worried about them as it is making my skin really good. I am however worried about how dry it is making my skin even after using moisturiser it stil feels a bit dry and
  6. yeah i would say go for a disposable razor as you can get 2 blade ones without the conditioning strip also they will always make these so you dont have to worry about them being discontinued but this is in the UK
  7. George7255


    yeah it makes more sense to shave at the end thanks again
  8. George7255


    hi, i am 17 and have been shaving for about 2-3 years and only get acne in the area i shave but i have have had acne below my bottom lip for about 4 years so it is not just because of shaving. Only just recently someone recommmended shaving in the shower, does anyone else do this? I still use a shave gel but just put my head out of the running water when i shave. I think it makes quite alot of difference as the hair on the face is softened and the washed afterwards, but just recently i noticed m
  9. Thats interesting cause i have been using a nivea moisturiser for about 2 years i think and i thought it was ok but maybe thats why my skin never really looks much better. have you found it to be bad in the past?
  10. i find products with something called salycilic acid in i think it is similar to BP and i have been using it and it does give good results and keeps my acne under control. But as i said i think it is quite similar to the BP so it may not have alot of effect. hope thi helped
  11. yeh i agree with both of those recomendations... as i have used both one from the soltan range and from the simple range but with the soltan one i recommend you go for high UV one which says sensitive skin on it. i found this really useful as i used the soltan one when i went skiing and i didn't get at all burnt and it had absolutely no effect on my acne. Also the soltan one can be a bit greasy but it is a sun tan lotion especially for the face.
  12. i looked into this a while ago and decided it wasnt worth it as: - some people reported bruising around the area where it had been treated - it also showed in some people that it made them more sensitive to the sun, which i decided wasn't worth it as i already burn easily - also i think i read some where that you have to be over 18 to have it done in the UK but im not sure about that one, but if that is true there must be some danger in it somewhere - also some people have reported that while t