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  1. Just wanted to share, I'm 32 years old, since about 13 I've had oily skin- really oily, wash and 2 hours later it's dripping sort of oil. When I was 30 I started working out, I noticed I didn't get that much healthy fat in my diet so I added in 25g of walnuts a day- I knew something was going on because the oil actually got worse for about a week, but since that point I've been oil free Wish I'd discovered it years ago. I've tried Accutane a few years before that- the walnut reduced my oil is
  2. Hi everyone, I male, 30 years old and lift weights as a hobby, like most people who do this I go through phases of "bulking" (that's eating around 300 calories a day over maintenance) and then "cutting" (that's what most people would call a low calorie diet... to loose some any fat gained during the bulking phase). So normally these bulking phases run for an extended period of time, say 20 or 30 weeks, with a cut length of maybe 5 or ten weeks, as a little experient I've tried running these ph
  3. Just thought i'd post a link to the patent, here. It's got a brief outline of what the medicine hopes to achieve: 1. A method of decreasing sebum production in skin of a subject comprising applying nitric oxide and/or at least one nitric oxide source to the skin in an amount sufficient to decrease sebum production. 2. The method of claim 1, wherein the sebum production in the skin is decreased by applying gaseous nitric oxide to the skin of the subject. 3. The method of claim 1 , wherein the
  4. I don't know much about the phases of testing, but I think every phase after the first is on people, using a bigger group each time, so like phase 2 might have 10 people, phase 3 100 and phase 4 1000, at least I think that's how it works.
  5. It's testing phase is expected to be completed in 2014, which sounds great - I'm guessing medical products have to go through a few more safety tests before they can be marketed but you never know, perhaps in 3 years time we'll all be slathering this stuff on our clear skin! It's just nice to have a bit of hope for once.
  6. pooratbest


    I'd like to point you guys over tot his thread I've made about some scientific research that's in progress.
  7. Hi guys, i'm really surprised not to read any stuff about this new cream that's currently in its testing phase. Produced by a research lab called 'Novan', here are a couple of articles (you can find plenty of press releases on it from the last couple of months). First topical sebum inhibitor Raising the money Phase 2 Trials How it works (white paper).pdf file Obviously it's a little way to go on it's testing yet, and I can think of one or two instances where I've seen drugs companies
  8. Sorry, I'm a bit confused, should we be supplementing with N Acetyl L Cysteine or L Carnitine? Thanks for any re's!
  9. Can definately sympathise with you my friend. It's impossible for me to imagine life with decent skin. Don't you hate it too how no one else ever seems to suffer with it? When was the last time you saw some one else with acne? It might be a good thing- it makes me think we simply just don't notice it on others, and we obsess about it on ourselves. I feel like i'm been punished for something I did in another life or things like that with it. Hopefully one day a miricle drug or treatment will come
  10. Sorry for my slow reply, i've been experiencing something similar too, I've had more of these things than before i was on accutane! If yours are likemine, they're less inflammed than acne, sometimes maybe a bit itchy - I believe they maybe some other condition, in my case I'm moisturising more which is helping and i apply a quick dose of benzoyl peroxide (apply fo r5mins toc clean skin, wash off, moisuturise) - I think it's a mild dose of folliculitus, caused by a virus getting into your dry sk
  11. This is really interesting, I'm in my late twenties, from the UK, with nasty oily skin and I also suffer a bit from excess sweating!
  12. If i don't scratch the flake of skin off on top they don't go, I don't squeeze them, i just did to see what was inside out of curiosity. Thanks for the reply, any one else? Is this some kind of new medical discovery?
  13. Hi, I'm really confused, i'm getting these weird spots, not like anything i personally have had before, i've thought they wereclosed comedones or papules but i'm not sure really. Here's the description: They come up very quickly(several hours) They're like a bump under the skin They're not inflamed and they don't hurt (except psychologically!) They begin healing only when I either scratch a tiny bit of the skin (which always comesoff suprisingly easily) off the very top or stick a pin in i
  14. Wait, i think i've changed my mind, i think these are papules. not closed comedones, afaik closed comedones contain pus etc.
  15. This last couple of months of my accutane treatment I've been plagued with closed comedones(at least that's what a think they are, bumps that contain no pus and aren't painful?), mostly in places i've not had acne for years. I've never really had non inflamed acne, but these things go away in a day with just the slightest stab of a pin,leaving just a red mark. It's really upsetting for me though as it's making me think the treatment isn't working (as i'm acutally getting more of these things tha