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  1. Wow that is definitley a good thing to know. Thank you very much! I cleared my acne just using Zinc and my usual regimen. I knew it was something going on inside and I have a terrible diet and drink a lot. I'm missing a lot of nutrients and finally feel better and my face is cleared.
  2. No BP for me. I once used a lotion wiht BP in it and my skin completley went out of wack. I used it for 3 months but couldnt stand it... so I've been using SA ever since. Just Biore's Ice Cleanser and an oxy pad. Just use Aloe Vera for moisture. None of that really did much on it's own though until i started taking zinc. i do have a terrible diet tho and I cant adjust it lol no veggies, no meat. lol im an all carb kinda girl. I figured I've been missing out on some pretty important nutrients. Ev
  3. i just wanted to say that I HAVE A FACE AGAIN. No more cysts. No more pimples. A little scarring. A couple red marks. BUT ALL IN ALL--I HAVE A FACE! A face that I would not be humiliated with to go swimming. to wake up next to someone in the morning. Its fantastic. 100 mg of zinc a day did it for me. Been taking it for 3 weeks. If I miss a couple days, I break out but not even as bad. I broke out about a week ago around my period but it wasnt even bad and I managed to get through it with very l
  4. I've been researching this drug quite a bit. The main thing that pops up when I type it into Google is that it is used for Alopecia... Which I never knew was related with Androgens... I personally, show no signs of Alopecia, however my mother has Alopecia Universalis (no hair anywhere on her body anymore) which began when she was about 19. Her skin is nice, she does get the odd pimple still well into her 40's but for the most part her skin is beautiful. I see no signs of acne in pictures of her
  5. So basically, I've got mild acne... maybe moderate... depends on ur defintion. It pretty much only affects my chin/jaw area. I get the odd one on my cheek or forehead but never anything to worry about really. Anyways, so after a lot of research I learned that chin/jaw acne is due to hormones...?? I have been on the pill since I was 14, Tri-Cyclen which is suppose to help acne but I never found that it did jack shit. My acne just got less and less as I got older, but I have been finding my chin/j
  6. well i dont know i am going through a friggen awful breakout right now...one of the whole "i dont wanna go out-don't look at me" kind of break outs... and i've been using the ACV for a while now... I did party a little too hard last week what with my 20th bday and all and slept in my make up a couple nights and i also messed up my birth control but frig i am so mad and i am losing faith. my one friend eats disgustingly, sleeps in her make up all the time, never washes her face, and is always mes
  7. I only breakout on my chin too really... how old are you?? I've been reading a lot lately about how acne changes over the years. When you're younger it starts on your forehead, goes to your cheeks, then to your chin. A lot of people seem to have this pattern as do I... My forehead never gets pimples ever, and my left cheek never does either though my right one does sometimes. I just do shots of the ACV too... I dont think you're supposed to because its bad for your teeth and waht not but I thi
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for acne... at least I think so along with many others on the site. I would definitley try that before using urine.... As for the comments about BP and SA I'd have to agree... I used SA for years and for the past 5 weeks i've been using nothing but a mild cleanser and my ACV... I drink it and i put it on my face. The smell and taste is a lot to handle at first, but it doesn't bother me even a little bit now... it's very cheap too... I get mine for 4 bucks at lowblaw
  9. Hmm. Well I dont know.. I've been using it 5 weeks now I think and it has worked better than anything else, but I got a minor breakout now and that pisses me off lol. The one thing i can say, I have not had anything serious since using the ACV... the breakout now is on my chin but it is small and not the end of the world but i was hoping to be clear for my 20th birthday (today) and no such luck! I imagine when I put some makeup on you wont even see it at all, but I've been keeping my face clean
  10. I don't know where you live but here in Canada I buy mine at Loblaws Super Store... they have a small organic section and it's there. It only about 4 bucks for a bottle and it lasts about a month. I take about 4 or 5 chugs of it a day... but I don't mind the taste. A lot of people really hate the taste and will mix a couple tablespoons in with water or juice or something. It does smell really bad, but I don't smell it anymore. I then just pour some onto a cotton ball and swab it all over my fac
  11. Hello! I was just wondering if you have tried Apple Cider Vinegar?? You mentioned a lot of things there but I didn't see that one. I have had acne since I was about 13, I am turning 20 this week... Nothing has ever worked until ACV... I've been using it for 4 weeks and aside from one healing scab I am completley clear. I have not gone without make up since I was 13 and this week I finally did.... I won't call it a miracle I did have a minor break out around my time of the month but it was very
  12. Lol i know i cant believe im still clear. i did have a very mild breakout around my time of the month, but it was nothing and didnt last more than a day. except for of course this one that i picked... bleck. anyways, i still cant believe it lol. Have a good trip!! you are brave for not bringing the acv, let me know how it goes.
  13. I can't see your pictures but have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar?? I suffered from mild/moderate acne for about 6 years... I've been drinking and applying Apple Cider Vinegar to my face for the past 4 weeks and I'm completley clear. This is the first time in 6 years I have been able to leave my house without make up... I just can't brag enough about this stuff....
  14. I don't think you need to do that. Make sure you are drinking the ACV as well. i drink 4 or 5 gulps of it a day, and apply it to my face morning and night on a cotton ball after cleansing. I've been doing this for 4 weeks and my face is completley clear .. minus one healing scab. You may get an initial breakout around week 2-3... mine was mild compared to some but still not very pleasant.
  15. I didn't take BCP for acne, the doctor just mentioned that it was an added bonus, but I never noticed any changes. As I got older, my acne got more mild but it was still there. This past summer was the worst of it.. It's now completley clear thanks to ACV... I am still on BCP and I will be until I'm ok with having a baby lol... As for the weight gain and stuff I never had any of that with it either. The only thing Ortho has ever done for me was keep my periods on an exact routine... i'm telling