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  1. Man I feel Like I'm The most hated on this site.
  2. Has anyone tried this Doryx? It's worth like 500 dollars i think. I got it for 25 bucks. lol . I wonder if this helps acne? My derm told me take 1 pill after supper. Hopefully this helps me.
  3. Hells f'kin yes! Almonds rock! I mix them with raisins for a good snack. But I prefer to soak my nuts overnight for easier digestion and better nutrient content. SOAK ALL NUTS IF YOU WANT THE BEST OUT OF THEM...if you don't believe me just google 'soaking nuts' and see all the health benefits that come with it. ALMONDS R MY FAVORITE though, brazil nuts second, and of course peanuts. Can't live without my nuts.
  4. HAHAAH this topic sounds so funny. I need information on nuts. Which ones are good for you? I need nutrition info. Walnuts what do they do for your body?
  5. Word. Life is crazy journey that you go through, Better enjoy all the good times, you get out of it. You only get One Life. Live to Enjoy!!!
  6. *Moderator edit - invis'ed post removed, plus response* I relieve stress by listening to music and chillin wit friends. Try do something you like to do when your stressed out, you might do better or worse.
  7. Can weed have any effect on acne? Anybody? Is there any studies on this?
  8. Hello! Try clean water not faucet water. You know the filter water. Faucet water has other minerals you don't need.

  9. You should either go to derm or try dan's regimen. Dan AHA might work. I been using dan's AHA on my chest and it takes at least 1 month to see improvements. But try Dan's bp, and his moistizer(too lazy to spell) on your chest cuz that bp is strong and i know that will be quicker than AHA.
  10. I never done this yet, dermarolling.I'm thinking accutane or dermarolling. Here 's the info on dermarolling. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Dermaroll...re-t223334.html
  11. i See what your saying. I'm not the type who drinks water alot. My diet is not healthy and i usually drink sodas with meals. I need to change my diet, so i can drink more water. I wouldn't drink any fried foods with water. Hamburgers, pizza, subs, and chicken goes with sodas not with water. I tried pizza with water and it doesn't go down very well. You feel more full with water.
  12. OWWW you look FIYA, So hot . Wish you live in my city...

  13. Hey! You look very pretty. Cool your british born korean.