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  1. Some questions.....Does accutane lessen the redness of the face, does it initially make the acne worse because I read some stories where people started getting huge pimples at first, I know it dries your skin but does it reduce pores to normal size....and thats about it
  2. Those stories make me VERY nervous....maybe it's not the greatest idea....but I dunno what else there is besides accutane....nothing helps....
  3. i had a blue light down one time and it was my last. My whole top layer of my skin on my face peeled off after being in the sun for 10 sec. It was the worst pain I ever felt.
  4. I feel the same way waltdisney so I'm looking forward to going on accutane even tho the last comment made by clarky wasn't really reassuring. Does it usually make acne worse first and how long do most people stay on accutane, like how do you know when to stop and what bout chances of a relapse once your off...
  5. So the blistex helps the lips....and I heard you get tired and constantly need to be drinking water while on accutane. Another question, I heard in some post that accutane can cost up to $300, that's crazy.....Does having health insurance help cover some of the costs? Also while on accutane....is that all there is to it....a pill?
  6. So how long have you been on accutane, how long will you and when did you start noticing results?
  7. I've been on several antibiotics already which have shown no signs of improvement.
  8. Wow. My doctor wants me to go on accutane but my mom is too scared of the side affects. Is drying of the skin really the only major one?
  9. I'm now a junior in high school and have had acne since 7th grade. I've seen several dermatologists and probably should be in guiness for being perscribed the most acne medications (over 20). I wouldn't say it's exactly severe but it is BAD. You name it I have tried it. Nothing works. A doctor had mentioned accutane but my mom is too scared of the side effects. I have very sensitive and oily skin with large pores so I don't know if accutane would be the best option (even though I hear it'll less