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Status Updates posted by violets

  1. I'll go with "uniquely insightful, brutally honest, and refreshing".

    1. Your posts are absolutely spectacular.

      1. no problem! yeah retin A is kind of lame and seems like a risk to use on generally clear skin. ive actually aggravated my skin using it before. haha good luck with it if you use it, your skin looks gorgeous though no need to worry!

        1. haha! anyone who would say no is out of their mind

          1. haha i wouldnt mind having him i'd say!

            1. hahah, well, i sleep for like 3 hours a night!

              1. haha first i thought your icon was johnny depp! ;)

                1. i must say...your look is quite spectacular

                  1. I definitely did, all guys should be as nice as you.

                    1. Hey, your post in the thread I started was really sweet/ encouraging. Thank youu!