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  1. Thank you, that's really nice of you to say. :)

  2. I'll go with "uniquely insightful, brutally honest, and refreshing".

  3. Spectacularly offensive? Spectacularly crazy? Haha.

  4. This is a beautiful post. It makes me happy about the state of human nature to see someone say something like this. By the way, love the username.
  5. Your posts are absolutely spectacular.

  6. How are you doing? I'm so glad you're okay. Someday, if you don't already, you'll feel mentally okay as well, please never give up.
  7. Calling you dude has NOTHING to do with it. I have called guys I like dude and guys I don't like dude.
  8. If the lingere doesn't work and his laptop is more important, he is a sucky bf. You could always try...uhm I probably shouldn't continue, not appropriate to write But really, it sounds like he is being completely selfish, not really caring about your needs and putting his career above his personal life. His priorities seem kind of messed up. I mean you don't deserve to be ignored, having to feel unwanted in a relationship but it would also be very difficult to break up with him after 3 years k
  9. well 3 years really is a long time to be dating to just break up...but from the way he is acting I would most probably do it epecially because you tried to talk to him about something going wrong in your relationship and he blatantly ignored you. How long has he been like this? Or, maybe he's super stressed from work, etc. recently or something, you could try asking him what is wrong with him as well/maybe he's going through a hard time or something and maybe you'll feel better knowing at the
  10. Can I start by saying you should absolutely stay, even though things may be shitty for you right now because there will be brighter days to look forward to. Even though you are feeling sad, worn down, and maybe hopeless right now at least you are still feeling something, still alive on this earth. I mean imagine the prospect of being dead-literal nothingness, if heaven/hell do not exist. You would be giving up the chance to be content, maybe even happy again one day and succumbing to temporary m
  11. I don't know what kind of acne you have and I am not pretending to know exactly how you feel, but I can say that I empathise with you and that I hope you feel better soon and I guess say that you're entitled to feel the way you want to even if your parents, friends, family think you're being irrational and crazy about it. Venting is healthy and you should continue to do it. Acne can severly impact someones life, making them feel abnormal, ugly, and worthless, and you /nor anyone else should have
  12. okay so this post is about to sound insanely rambly/crazy so i apologize for that in advance. i have had to visit 4 dermatologists to finally have 1 of them say yes to accutane, a low dosage of 10 mg and possibly 20 later but generally 10 mg, and this was with lots and lots of pleading. anyway, because at the moment I don't have any active pimples I decided to not take accutane but now i'm kind of nervous about my decision and wondering if I should go on it. i mean it was a lot of effort..latel
  13. Wellllll, my view on accutane is it works amazingly well for some people and f's up other people, but rarely. i mean still, it obviously can do harm but on this forum it seems as if people think the first pill of accutane is going to immediately make all their hair fall out, destroy their health permanently, etc. and that's simply not true. it works sooo well for so many people with minimal side effects and those people don't come back to post horror stories because there is no reason to. the re