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  1. I've been using the same recommended amount in cream form for almost 5 weeks now at night. At first, my skin was "glowing" and didn't seem to necessarily be oily. But as of last week, I started to break out terribly AND I am an oil slick. I wear very matte makeup and even that makes me look super oily. I also tend to be flaky near my breakouts, but generally oily all over. I have to soak up the oil about every hour with powder (BM mineral veil). I am getting pretty frustrated, but my cousi
  2. mylimage, I do agree that I would be singing a different tune if my skin was perfectly clear using spiro, make no mistake that I would be extremely happy. However, I am not just bringing up the safety issue because it did not work me for. In fact, my dermatologist said that there is no way that he would put me on this drug long term. He prescribed topicals, along with spiro and said that within a year, he wants me off of spiro completely. I work in the health care field and specifically h
  3. Well I would try an increased dose, but in all honesty, I don't know if it's worth putting my health at risk. Any drug that you take, especially one used for ESRD patients, can take a toll on your body. I am not too sure that I want to take that route any more. Not to mention the side effects from sprio. I still get headaches and I feel tired all the time from it. To top it off, I get my period every 2-3 weeks, which is unheard of for me. I also think the connection with dealing with PMS re
  4. Here, here. I wish I could say I was a spiro success story, but I am not at all. I have combo skin, so I don't really experience a whole lot of oiliness, except for my t-zone, but I do struggle with PMS acne. I really thought this would be the answer to my years of rough patches dealing with hormonal acne and it wasn't the case.
  5. So I thought I would update everyone with my spiro use. Quick background.....I am 31 and have dealt with PMS acne since I was 17. My face would break out terribly about one week prior and after my period with out only 1 week of clear skin a month, if that. This has been a very emotional journey for me and unfortunately it has not ended. I've tried everything under the sun. Topicals just do not work on me. I have been on BCP and not only did it not work, but I hated what BCP does to my body
  6. Like with every medication, it is how you react to the medication. What works for one person, may not work for another. I personally have had success with doxy. I am currently on 200 mg of doxy and 50mg of spiro (I had to go on doxy because the spiro made me break out horribly). I can't say that it completely cleared my acne, but it has kept breakouts at bay and when I do get a zit or two, it doesn't inflame. Hope it works for you this time. Make sure you don't lie down after taking it.
  7. Of course I agree with everyone else here who has replied. I did some research of my own, and beside a carcinogenic effect seen in rats, there really isn't any facts based on the claim that your doctor made. In addition, I have not found one single backing of spiro being banned in Spain. Taking any drug is going to have its side effects and it's up to you if you want to take those increased risks (we've all seen those commercials about different Rxs, right? The ones that make it sound that t
  8. It seems to be pretty normal from what most have experienced. With me, and many others, an antibiotic treatment along with the spiro seems to keep those types of breakouts at bay.
  9. Any time you take any medication, it is detoxified through your liver and therefore alcohol should be avoided while on medications. However, occasional drinks are totally fine. I enjoy a beer or wine every now and then and have even gone out to the bars and tied a few on......hahaha . Just don't over do it.
  10. I have that too. It happens to me almost every day. My makeup will look great in the morning, but by the end of the day, it looks awful. I do feel like I am sweating more due to spiro, but it could also just be the 90 degree heat as well that I live in day to day. I am constantly running around the house with my 11 mo old daughter and I feel constantly hot and no matter what I try to do to cool down, I can't. I am going to my derm next week for a checkup, so I will ask him if that is a comm
  11. pink, I am using it topically on my zits. I will not put it all over my face as I am afraid to breakout (I know, it doesn't make sense, does it), but I do use it on the places that i have picked at and it seems to heal fairly quickly, considering. You can buy virgin coconut oil at your nearest health food store. My cousin gave me some of hers to try and it is so far working on healing those problem areas quickly. Now if I could only find something to fade those old red marks..... sunrise, t
  12. Hi there. Well I cannot answer your first question as I do not live in the UK. However, long term use of spiro, as long as your potassium levels are checked consistently and are normal, should be no problem. I did have a very bad initial breakout and went on antibiotics to help with that IB. I would potentially stay on your minocycline, at least for the first 3 months of spiro use, until your body adjusts. The antibiotics will not necessarily keep the IB completely at bay, but may help as
  13. OK, quick background. Back in 2004, while in Mexico, I developed a tiny little cyst on the tip of my nose. I am normally a picker, so I thought it was a little zit and I picked at it. Ever since then, I have always picked at it to "flatten it out", which works until it forms again. A year ago, I went to a dermatologist and before I even knew what was going on, he numbed my nose and used this instrument to "zap" it. It left a dark mark and it seemed to go away at first. Yet as it healed it
  14. I am with pink on this one. It seems to be very common that women experience initial breakouts with spiro. Mine were horrible....the worst acne I have ever had.....and I thought this was supposed to help my skin!?!?!?!? I've been on it for 8 weeks and I see a significant improvement. I know it is totally devastating, but please stick to it. It will be worth it if you do!!!!
  15. I had the same thing happen to me on spiro. While it's helped clear acne, it has made those red spots that were either completely healed or almost gone, come back. I just use a tinted moisturizer and mineral make-up to cover it all and with makeup and it makes my face looks clear. One thing that may keep those smaller breakouts at bay is antibiotics, which I am also taking along with the spiro. Another new thing that I LOVE is coconut oil!!! Yes, pure coconut oil. I am a picker and I pic
  16. Hmmm, I was going to suggest that maybe your pill was higher in progesterone and not estrogen, but that is not the case with OTC, so I am not sure. Bizarre.
  17. I am so happy she put on you on doxy. I hope it works for you like it's worked for me. I am on 200 mg though....100mg in the am, and 100mg in the pm. I saw a change in about a week!!!! Now I am not sure what is working, the doxy or the spiro. Also, I have gotten a few little breakouts and have used coconut oil.....yes, pure coconut oil. My cousin, who has perfect skin, uses it when she gets a zit or two and it helps clear it up fast and I have to say.....it has worked wonders for me too,
  18. Thanks for the advice ladies! I always have tired to only use a tiny bit. I dont' know why, but particularly on my nose, it accentuates my pores and a tiny scar that I have (that normally is not noticeable). I have used the urban decay bronzer twice now and I REALLY like it and it works great with lighter toned skin, like mine. Hope it won't cause me to break out, which is always my fear!
  19. I "swril, dust, tap" and then apply over my cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. It just doesn't look very natural at all, especially as the day goes on. The PurMinerals does not do that, so that is why I like it so much. I did buy the urban decay bronzer, which I heard was really good, so I will see how that works.
  20. I think we've mirrored each other in our use, but I have to say that 2 months into my spiro use and my skin is SO much better now. I think the antibiotics helped a ton. Did you ever get that prescription? Also, I do think the foundation may be breaking you out. I haven't heard good things about Lancome mousse. Have you tried mineral makeup? I think we already talked about this. I conceal all red marks and the few little tiny zits with almay concealer and then apply the mineral makeup to ev
  21. Hi! I currently wear BareMinerals and have been for a long time. I switched to PurMinerals about 4 months ago....loved the bronzer (Mineral Glo), but hated the foundation, so I went back to BareMinerals. I wear the BM powder foundation and mineral veil, but HATE the "warmth". It just sits on my skin, doesn't blend in and shows all of my pores. I continued using the PURMinerals glo, but every Ulta in a 50 mile radius is completely out and has been for weeks. They have "no idea" when more wil
  22. I asked my dermatologist this very question and he said that his patients never experienced a breakout with Spiro, or at least they never told him about it at and at the 3 month mark most of his pts saw an incredible improvement. He said that there is no scientific explanation as to why this would occur. I experienced an initial breakout as well and my derm put me on 200mg of Doxycycline as well. Like Pink said, that one month mark was the worst. I never had worse skin in m life. My skin is
  23. I personally think that any pill that can hormonally suppress your body so much so that you do not have a period, ever, cannot be good for you. These are the type of pills that come and go and then we hear 5 years later that they caused so many health problems.
  24. I've noticed my hair breaking all over the place since I've started spiro, especially around the bangs area. It sucks, especially since I live in a very dry climate, but the clearing of the skin is worth it for me. I have never tried accutane, so I am not familiar with its side effects.
  25. I had the worst IB on spiro. I was so upset because 3-4 weeks into it, my skin looked worse than it did before I started spiro. I went to the derm and he put me on doxycline (antibiotic) to go along with the spiro. Within days it started to clear. I am now on week 6 of spiro and it is working (well actually I am not sure which to attribute it to, the doxy or the spiro), however, something is working and my skin is clearing nicely. I just had my period and that is the time that I break out t