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  1. One is an abbreviation of the other. so like i said why do people use specific moisturisers for thier face when this one ive got is regular suncream with a high factor and its non-pore blocking, i just dont see the point in spending all that extra money as long as you get a good high factor how much extra does the BP make your skin sensitive to sunlight? i.e. how much higher factor should i use for my face opposed to my body
  2. well i am on the DKR, but ive for factor 25 suncream which i would say is quite high and i was going to expose my face for a set time, then cover my face with a towel or something while my chest gets the sun?? whats the difference between SPF and factor ?
  3. Only one way to find out, try it. what i meant was, is there a reason people use moisturisers with spf rather than just non pore blocking suncream when going on holiday?
  4. can i just use soltan suncream on my face rather than going for these expensive moisturisers with spf? my suncream says its moisturising and non pore blocking, so it wont make me break out will it?
  5. well ive still never heard of it maybe they dont sell it in the uk, if you want to make your skin 'glow' you may want to use a exfoliator, my skin always has a bit more of a glow to it after i use baking soda mixed with some water. and most people to reconmmed it for dull skin lol it is sold in the UK, i live in england i think im going to switch to brevoxyl again, i got much better results from that
  6. well most of these types of products work by killing the skin, thus the reason for peeling however you can stop the peeling by exfoliating (this just gets the dead skin off so it cant 'gather' and peel, so it may just be that quinoderm may have a mild exfoliator in it (ive never seen this product in england before so i dont know anything about it) or it uses a slightly different method but most of the diffent methods are not as effective. so if you find this quinoderm is working for you dont c
  7. i have been using this product for a good 2 weeks now after i changed from brevoxyl which i was on for 3 weeks when i use the quinoderm now, i can apply lots and lots and i wont get ANY skin redness/irritation or peeling, i dont even apply moisturiser because it would just make my skin greasy is this a bad thing? because benzoyl peroxide works by peeling and also would my skin be ok with handling panoxl 2.5 percent gel now that i dont get any redness with quinoderm? i would like to switch to
  8. aloe vera gel isent really a moisturiser though, i think it actually dries your face out more but mixing them seems like a good idea and ye i always found e45 to make my skin really greasy with little amounts so...
  9. in the morning and evenings i follow the following routine 1 - wash with nivea for men moisturising face wash 2 - apply BREVOXYL 4 percent all over my acne prone areas 3 - moisturise with E45 or superdrug dry skin cream (which is the same thing i believe) does anyone know if my moisturiser is non comedionic? it doesent say on the tub and is it possible to add in a step before moisturing to apply aloe vera gel? or will that irritate my skin too much?
  10. i have used oxy on the spot 2.5 percent - it worked but its 5 pound a tube and its lasted me a week ive tried QUINODERM 10 PERCENT BP, and that left me with a big rash which is only just clearing up now ive heard panoxyl 2.5 is extremely drying so i am limited in my options which one should i get: brevoxyl 4 percent BP (if i get this one how can i prevent too much redness etc ? should i just apply less?) oxy - 10 quinoderm cream 5 percent BP Freederm