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  1. hi there.. welcome to acne.org :)...

    as for my eyes i got it from my mama :)


  2. i woz just pickin as i woz readin this . i wud like to try cuttin my nails as mentioned by 'duchamp'
  3. atlest ur acne is not as bad as mine either.... u r just another guy for me at the street... cheer up dude... coz everyone here has mild to moderate acne.....
  4. those days wont come back... good memories defnitely leave a mark, they r to be cherished 'atleast u had a chance!' to make the best out of it wud be to talk it with ur family members of how fun it was to be together and havin fun.... it will make u feel better and yea
  5. true! lol

    but i really want to c the tru color inside! ah yes once these pimples subside! ;)

  6. I don't really see many pimples from that picture, it just looks like the texture of your face is a little rough. I don't really see much redness. But what I meant by the comment on the pic was that I have VERY fair skin and you being from India obviously don't, so I guess that's why the redness is not as apparent, lol.

  7. hey u reallly think the pic was cool enough?? i had like 10 or more white heads tat time! and my face looks all red coz of that! and yes u cant really c the scars!

  8. cut out the fat... after u ve achied that the ab workouts will really show significant improvements!! i ve got 4 already and m goin for my 6 pack
  9. i cud change the color if u d want ;)

  10. songs i love to listen atm wen i m down torn - natalie beautiful things - andain memories - within temptations
  11. T_Bone

    My album

    i just dont know wat to do so i d just put up somthin here
  12. wenever i try to hide my face under the makeup it makes me feel soo irritating wen others try to find out wat i m hinding! itz written on my face just make sure others dont find out abt it
  13. well well we share the same avtar!

  14. hi and i m new to this forum i just went to the derm and asked for a bp based gel/cream, and i suggested the name of Benzac AC which i came across in this forum. instead he gave me an acne treatment gel "Femcinol-A" the composition of this gel are... Clindamycin Phosphate BP (equivalent to clindamycin) - 1.0% w/w Nicotinamide IP - 4.0% w/w Aloe, Allantoin base with Ethyl Lactate - q.s. is ok to go with this gel (basically clindamycin) and substitute it for BP and follow the regimen? h