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  1. Not sure about Saw Palmetto. Honestly I would ask your Derm or Pharmacist b/c I was taking a anti-biotic before I started and my pharmacist told me there was a serious side effect of brain damage taking the two together and to wait 2 days before beginning the Tane. So, better safe than sorry!

  2. Thanks so much osugirl. I actually was going to go look for Aquafor today but just ran out of time. I am doing it tomorrow though! I am taking fish oil right now but I am going to pick up some vitamin E too. I appreciate all the advice I am getting! I am so glad I decided to write about this.
  3. Thanks So much Altagirl and Wannabeacnefree for the support and advice! I am totally going to look into the Aquafor b/c you are not the first person to mention it. I was worried that by putting something like vaseline on my face it would make the breakouts worse b/c I would then be clogging my pores? Sounds like it will be 5 months of a lot of trail and error. I truly hope this makes my oily skin go away! Thanks!!!
  4. Hello World, I began Accutane or the generic form, Claravis, 12 days ago. I have been doing just fine until recently and that is when I looked online to find out about other people's experiences. I am so glad I did! The information has been so helpful. Most of the blogs I saw were written by people in their 20's though...So, I thought it might be nice to have someone... a little, ahem, older put everything out there. I have never had severe acne, but when I turned 30 it seems my whole body che