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  1. Hey man, try not to let it consume you. I went through the same crap in high school. Its tough but it sounds like you are taking adequate measures to get it under control. That is all you can do, really. Beyond that just try to keep a positive outlook and don't beat yourself up if your treatments do not have immediate results .
  2. It sucks but people are quick to assume the worst when it comes to judging people with acne. ESPECIALLY if they haven't had to deal with it themselves. A quick minute of research would educate ignorant people that there is sometimes only so much you can do to take care of acne and not just assume that "I don't have acne because I wash my face, maybe you should try it!"
  3. I know whats it like to get desperate and want to try everything under the sun. I was once in your shoes. I'd honestly spend like an entire day just browing for some miracle procedure that I haven't tried yet. You have a great face and I hope one day you won't be bogged down with this stupid condition anymore!
  4. I know how you're feeling bro. When I had acne I would think about the day where I would finally have clear skin and thought my self-esteem would skyrocket and I'd be the most confident man on the planet. However when they day came that my skin was clear, I honestly didn't change much mentally. It seems I just shifted all the negativity I had about my acne to other "problems" I had because I still felt I was the lowest of the low when it came to being part of society. Basically I had brainwashe
  5. I went on a course of Accutane about 3 years ago so I'm glad to hear it is working well for you. I've had these spots you described before. Quite noticeably larger than your average pimple. Mine generally reach a peak in size and then just slowly shrink over the next few days, sometimes taking a week to completely disappear. I still follow the regimen to this day even though my acne is very mild but these big buggers seem to penetrate my defenses, haha!
  6. Good luck with your classes I'll be starting this Thursday (graduated HS before this summer). I'd have to say I am part-exciting and part-dreading it haha. Sorry I can't help about the eye problem
  7. Well I didn't read the whole thread but yes I consider myself a loner. I'm more content with being by myself (or working by myself) then being with people that I know I cannot connect with. I don't know if acne truly cause this though, as it has been so long that it doesn't really matter heh. It is who I am now
  8. Yeah I've skipped before because of a bad pimple, it was alot easier once I got my own car haha
  9. It is only natural to feel that way. Did your friend support you when it was the other way around? If so, just give her the same support and all will be fine, inside and out.
  10. Wow man that sucks In the art class we had we just had to use the teacher's camera and take a picture of ourselves and use that to do a self-portrait. However it was a intro-type art class so no great detail was required (if you know what i mean..) XD
  11. I can relate to alot of this, however I didn't read everythign so I hope I'm not repeating a previous post.. -Any acne reference on a commercial, tv show, movie makes you want to disappear until it is over..
  12. I once had one of those false awakenings (where you are dreaming that you woke up) and I did the same thing I do almost every morning, go to the bathroom mirror. I looked and saw my face was totally clear and I was so happy. However, I turned around (kinda freaky here, the mirror image of myself turned around but I didn't....) and I saw my back covered in red pimples with ooze all over it. I woke up seconds afterwards in a state of shock. I've never had back acne which was weird...
  13. If during the school day I find a pimple that I happened to miss in the morning..I go CRAZY. I wonder what it looks like and if it bright red or something. Sometimes I pull out my calculator and use it as a "mirror" (the actual display part of the calculator reflects decently...) even though I can't really see crap with it haha.
  14. I know what you mean. When I had acne bad, I would scan my face the instant I woke up. Usually with the back of my hand, I'd rub around my cheeks and forehead very cautiously. I'm always get scared that I'm going to run into a pack of new resident pimples on my face . Also during the day I get this never ending urge to just kinda touch the pimples...as if to make sure it is still there or magically vanished!